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Monday, November 30, 2009

It Took Me a Year to go Manual

A year after taking the plunge and buying our very first DSLR camera, I am finally taking a few pictures in manual setting. And they are . . . ALL RIGHT. Not fantastic, not perfect, not spectacular, but pretty good for a clueless photographer who really and truly doesn't know what she is doing.

I took a course last month at Henrys and although it was very informative, it was the entry level course on the Nikon D60 and I really do already know the camera well. I understand all the menu settings, all the buttons and how to use the preset "chid and pet", "portrait" and other settings. So it wasn't all that helpful for me, and they reminded me that you don't learn how to shoot in manual mode until the second course.

So I decided to save myself nearly $100 and read some good photography blogs and a couple good books (courtesy of my fabulous photographer friend Ben).

And although I am far from having any idea of how to use the settings properly for each shot, I do know what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO mean.

That's a good start, right?

Here are a few shots I took of Thing 1, who was more than happy to be a willing model for me.

And, yes, the last one is absolutely my favourite and probably the best photo I have ever taken in manual mode.


Donna M said...

I would say you are getting there Shan. And yes, the last one is lovely!
But I must ask, what did you do to Thing 1 to get him to model?

Anonymous said...

Well done! I am so impressed. :)

Fern said...

Congrats! Quite the accomplishment. I still haven't figured out how to do that on our canon & we've had it for over 4 years. I guess the desire isn't there, but I'm proud of you. :)

BeachMama said...

Yay! I know it is so hard to make the jump, but just do it when you aren't trying to capture something important. Go out and shoot some trees or grass or whatever you see and play with the settings. Then, before you know it you will be fantastic and won't be nervous about doing it all the time.

Chantal said...

Good job! I just have a point and shoot, someday I will take the plunge!

Loukia said...

The pictures are great!

AK Alter Ego said...

That last one is so fabulous, he is quite handsome there!!

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