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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Cards Giveaway!

I presume you realize that if I am having a holiday card giveaway on my blog that my craft sale was not all that successful.

It was relatively fun and I met some nice people, but I did not make millions, and to be truthful, I made just over what I actually paid for the table! So either my cards suck, or this event was just not my clientele.

That being said, I still had a fabulous time making these cards, as I always do, and since I have loads leftover I am happy to offer a set of five holiday cards (including envelopes) to my fabulous readers.

The best part?

You can choose your five favourite cards and I will send them to you! I'll also send you 10 holiday gift tags for some of your Christmas presents. Here are two of my favourite cards, and the full set is here for you to look through.

1. This contest is open to anyone in North America.
2. To enter, you need to leave a comment telling me what you like about hand-made cards.
3. For a second entry, follow my blog or tell me that you already follow me.
4. For a third entry, follow me on Twitter or tell me that you already follow me!
5. For a fourth entry, tweet the contest and tell me that you did it.

I will be drawing for the cards on Thursday, December 3rd at noon because I want to make sure the winner receives the cards well before Christmas!


BeachMama said...

Oh Shannon, I love your cards! I think it was the sale, we need to grab a table together to liquidate our stock.

Anonymous said...

Hand made cards are just so PERSONAL! I love to make them too. I love that I can tailor them so that they suit my personality and the personality of the person that I am making them for. And for those times when I can't afford much more than a card, it's just says that I was willing to spend time on the person. Can't wait to make them together!

Lynn said...

I love *your* homemade cards for sure! They're so original and unique. I'd love to have a set to hand around to (only my most favoured) friends at Christmas.

So sorry to hear that the fair was a bit of a bust, but I think the craft fair at our own kids' school a couple of weeks ago had the same problem. People just weren't buying anything. I guess it's the economy? Don't take it personally, your creations are just lovely.

Lynn said...

And, I follow your blog on Google Reader, does that count? And I also follow you on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

Those cards are so lovely! I adore handmade cards, and really all handmade things, because of the thought and care that goes into them. I also appreciate the ethic of handmade, which is the exact opposite of mass-produced consumer items.

Anonymous said...

Also, I already follow your blog.

Anonymous said...

And, of course I follow you on Twitter, because you are one fab Tweep!

Capital Mom said...

I like handmade cards, especially those handmade by other people, because they are always different than the generic cards you buy at the store. And, I love that someone took the time to make them. Someone other than a machine.

Capital Mom said...

I follow you on Blogger and in my Reader.

Capital Mom said...

I follow you on Twitter too.

Shan said...

They are just beautiful! I've done many a craft sale myself, some are great, some not so much. It's all about finding one that fits.

And you're in my feed reader and I follow you on Twitter. Going to tweet your contest now.

Sonya said...

Your cards are so nice and original!! They are much nicer than any store bought cards!!!

Im goin to retweet the contest on twitter now

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear that the fair was a bust. I think the economy might now have helped you, but also it sometimes it is the fair. You have to find the right "fit" so to speak. But keep up the good work the cards are wonderful!

I personally love handmade cards as, well they are so personal. I like cards to reflect my style as well as those I am sending them too as opposed to a box of prepackaged cards. Homemade is always much more meaningful to me.

Phyllis said...

You KNOW I love handmade cards! My favorite part is that I don't have to run to the store and remember to buy just the right card anymore -- can whip one up in a moment's notice if need be! I think your cards are adorable -- the two you picked to show in this post would def. be two of my favorite too.
I follow you on blogger....not on twitter yet. :(

valerie said...

Your cards are beautiful - I would have bought some if I'd been there. I especially love the snowmen ones (so cute), the ones with the trees (olive green xmas tree, 3 trees & snow - really love it), 3 gold ornaments and the Joy one that you posted. Sometimes I really wish I was a crafty person.

steve and Jenna said...

Hi Shannon,
your cards are so pretty. I like hand made crafts because you know that they come from the heart and people put their sweat into them.

I follow you here and on twitter and I will retweet the contest right now.

from Aylmer Quebec

Shannon said...

I love handmade cards because you know thought went into them and that they are unique! Nothing like getting 3 of the same birthday card from people. Not personal at all!

3 more entries - I follow your blog, I tweeted and I follow you on Twitter!!

Jummy said...

I personally like the uniqueness of handmade cards, and seeing how creative folk put simple materials together to create beautiful things.

Brenda @ottawamom said...

Your handmade cards are beautiful. Giving handmade cards at any time of year just seems a bit more personal then generic ones you get from the store.

Brenda @ottawamom said...

And of course I follow you on Twitter!!

Chantal said...

Your hand made cards are so beautiful. I think most people (especially my family) really appreciate the work that goes into them.

I follow your blog, and I follow you on twitter. I will retweet this one for you!

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