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Monday, December 08, 2008

The holidays hit the Things

A Crafty Mom is busy, bustling, and billowing with the Christmas season wrapped around her like a toasty warm scarf. The Things and I have been spreading our Christmas cheer and doing all things holiday-related.

Our fun-filled, holiday-laden weekend consisted of the Things Nana and Grandad coming to visit from Nova Scotia. We won't be spending Christmas with them this year, so they like to come and visit us before the holidays come around and everyone gets too busy.

It just so happened that Grandad arrived on his birthday. Thing 1 felt compelled to make sure that Transformer party hats were distributed to all attending party guests early on in the evening.

"Old" Grandad with Thing 3 and Thing 1

Nana cuddles with Thing 2. Marker on forehead? Check.

Thing 3 inspects Grandad's face. Yup. Definitely wrinkles.
We all went out Saturday morning to find our *perfect* Christmas tree. Things 1 and 2 help out with the tree trimming. While they tried to patent their ornament arranging style, I'm quite certain parents of toddlers and preschoolers all over the world are familiar with the "cluster" effect.
Living in Ottawa, we are always blessed with holiday snow far, far in advance of the holidays. We have a huge park across the street from our house, with a big sledding hill. We busted out our LL Bean tubes for a fun ride.
Chilly Mommy
Mommy and Thing 1 take on Thing 2 in a tubing race
Snow-loving little guy. Hard core winter enthusiast.

And Mother of the Year goes to . . . the woman who pulls 65 pounds of Things up the hill a dozen times because they are "too tired to climb themselves".


OHmommy said...

I have been cold all day long...

Perhaps I need a full body snowsuit. You think I can find one in women's size 6? LOL

Cute pictures.

McMommy said...

Just looking at those pics have me shivering over here!!!

And totally deserve Mom of the Year!!

Jen said...

The only thing good about winter is the snow. I love sledding! Looks like you had a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, absolutely Mother of the Year, hands down. And we think that Thing 1 is very sweet to distribute Transformer hats for all party attendees!

Happy day to you Miss Shannon - the blog looks so cool with this design!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that is a LOT of snow! I haven't seen snow in two years, so I am looking forward to a visit to Sweden tomorrow, I hear they have half a meter of snow now! The kids will be in awe! :)
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, great pics!

Thanks for the visit to my blog, and yes I will post pics of the cards, but it will be on my craft blog:

Have you started on thing 3's baby album? hmm, maybe I'll just check out your blog to see for myself! :)
Have a great day!

Nemeth family said...

What a fun weekend! Oh yes, the cluster effect...know it well! And I just can't bring myself to move them, so there they stay...on the low hanging branches. Love the sledding pictures! And you are definitely Mother of the Year...for pulling kids up the hill and many other reasons!

Jenny said...

love the new blog layout! so creative...the snow is definitely there, that is for sure...enjoy!

amanda said...

totally mom of the year!!

i would have been inside snuggly and warm watching from the window!!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, you are mother of the year for that!!!

Love the pic of Grandad and Thing 3!

We had "snow" here in Texas tonight but it's too warm to stay... ; )

dougnlarry said...

You are mother of the year. Pulling kids on sleds up hill is hard work. My two weigh almost 80 lbs together and I can barely pull them both at once.

Landerson said...

Looks like a great weekend:) What will you do when there's a third thing to pull??!?

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