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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Three Things Head East - Part 2

We spent the second part of our trip on the south shore of Nova Scotia. We stayed in the cutest little cottage, right across from the beach I grew up on. We regrettably didn't have the best weather that week, but it didn't really phase the boys. They were resilient and welcomed the cool ocean waves with open arms.

Sand. And salt water. It doesn't get any better than this for a four year old.

Even their cousin R dipped her feet in.

Mommy helped the boys cope with some of the bigger waves. Although they acted scared, they loved every minute of it. It must be the faint bit of Maritime in their blood. Mommy later dove in and went for a swim . . . in order to earn herself five dollars.

The babies braved the beaches in their Becos. We actually had sun this day, although you can't really see it in this picture. We found a little pocket of sunshine that afternoon, in the midst of a sea of fog.
We went hiking through a provincial park, following a trail that led right along the ocean's shore. It was rocky terrain, but we all made it. The scenery was breath-taking. Well worth carrying around a nearly-20-pound baby on my back to see.

Of course, the best part of the trip was spending time with family.

Nana with four of her grandkids (little H was sleeping).

We went out for dinner with my parents one night, to the resort where we were married eight years ago. The food was amazing. The boys loved it because they could play on the beach or at the playground right after supper.

Thing 3 and Grandad, bonding over a glass of wine.

And here is Granny, who came down to spend a few days with us in Nova Scotia, relaxing at our cottage with Thing 1 and Thing 3. Thing 2 was eating breakfast at this point. He is very serious about his meals, and was not to be disturbed, even for a photo opp.

Due to the fact that we were so crammed into our little van, we didn't bring our stroller (we did throw in an umbrella stroller but didn't end up using it once - what a waste of precious space!) and Paul or I carried Leah in the Beco all the time. It worked out incredibly well.

And really, the true sign of a successful day out. We were fortunate enough to turn around and see this in the back of our van a number of times after long afternoons out having fun.

See you next year Eastern Canada!!!!!


Megan said...

looks like you had a great time! glad you're back! :)


Donna M said...

Great pics of your trip. Too bad the sun is never shining. Next year I will try to arrange for better weather when you come!

amanda said...

wow friend - looks simply wonderful!!

both recaps - the pictures are just amazing!!

but totally get what you mean about the vacation let down. hope it heals quickly :)

Jenny said...

So excited you are back! Looks like you had a great trip with the family!

Anonymous said...

That last photo is PRICELESS! I would, in fact, have it printed out and framed and given to his spouse on his wedding day! Too freakin cute.

Looks like you guys had a great time.

dougnlarry said...

I love that last pic. He was out! Vacations are about the only times my kiddos take naps anymore. :)

Kiki and Lele said...

I found your blog from joe girl. love the pictures. vacations are super fun...

Anonymous said...

awww....canada. What a neat trip! You captured some great shots:-)

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm happy you are back, I missed your posts. The photos look great and it looks like you all had a fabulous time.

You made it!

Anonymous said...

I love the footprint shot... so sweet! Glad you had a great trip!

Allison R said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. The pictures are great.

McMommy said...

Oh wow! Getting to run and play on the beach after dinner must have been HEAVENLY for your boys!

And I love the pic with you and the Polar Bear!!! Pretty pretty mama!!

Carol said...

Looks wonderful.

Thanks for my Josh Holloway fix BTW!

Unknown said...

I love these pictures so much. It looks like you had a wonderful time!
Thank you for sharing :)

Tyne said...

What a great post. I love the picture at the end of your little one snoozing. Don't you love a sleeping kid at the end of a fun day?

mom2natnkatncj said...

Looks like a great vacation.

Laural Out Loud said...

My daughter likes to kick her leg up over the arm of her carseat, too.

Looks like you had a wonderfully exhausting time!

Martha said...

Looks like it was beautiful out there! I love that sleepy photos...foot in the seatbelt!

Tricia said...

Welcome back! Looks like a wonderful time! Hope you are getting caught up in life back at home. I always feel like I need a vacation after my vacation! LOL! FYI, I'm officially a CD-er now, largely thanks to you! :)


Anonymous said...

I read through all of your posts about your trip to Nova Scotia. Looks beautiful! I have lived in southern Maine for the past 2 years and really look forward to making it up to that area. Maybe next summer. I am going to bookmark your post so that I can remember where to go. Thanks!


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