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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Fried my Face

I am so stupid. I am THAT stupid.

I have been ridden with a mild case of acne since Thing 3 was born, in January. It has been far worse than it was after I had Things 1 and 2. I've had enough little bumps covering my entire forehead to warrant a road sign declaring "Bumpy Road Ahead". I expected it to go away eventually, because I am very self-conscious about it. I have not had acne of any severity at any point in my life, so the greasiness was all new to me.

Eventually I succumbed to my blossoming vanity. It was starting to consume me.

I ordered the Proactiv solution that I had seen on TV. I know of a few people who use/d it and raved about it. It promised to give me blemish-free skin. It said "
get the clear skin you deserve". I'm a super-stressed, overwhelmed mom of 3 Things lately . . . don't I deserve clear skin?

Apparently not.

I started the Proactiv treatments on Monday.

By yesterday morning, I was burning, my whole face was red and blotchy (like a bad sunburn, only worse, picture your face being scalded, or dipped into a dripping hot deep fryer), my pores have opened up to the size of saucers, AND . . . my face is swollen!!!! If I smile hard enough, my eyes will actually close completely, with no effort.

Can you hear me screaming?

Yes, I stopped using it by Wednesday, but I don't know what else to do. My face is totally dried out, itchy, sore, burning, it's killing me. It feels like 20 year old, dried leather. That has been stepped on for years, on dry, cracked pavement.

I have tried putting some moisturizer on it because the skin is SO dried out, but it's not working.

I think they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Uh, yup, need my money back. And a new face.

My vanity has been humbled and is now back in check. Clearly, the acne was far better than the circus freak side-show I now exhibit.

Any skincare experts out there have any tips? Anyone been in a similar situation??


Martha said...

I never used it, but have been acne prone since I was 13. I used Retin-A for a few years in high school, it dried out my skin so much I had to put lotion on, too. It didn't feel good on my pores. So now, I use nothing, just splash my face with water and pat with a towel. You're beautiful the way you are, don't worry about what's "outside."

Landerson said...

Oh Shan......treat yourself to a facial:)

Mama Les said...

Oh you poor thing!!! Yes mom, you deserve great skin. It looks like you already have it, though! (aside from the red burn). I have heard of that product not reacting well for people. I hope you are feeling better soon. But w/eyes rolled - I say "of course this happend, right?" ... Hang in there!

Tricia said...

oh no! SO not what you deserve! And you're so busy right now too! Hang in there & HUGS to you. For my skin I find the more natural the better. Occasionally in my life (my teens & mid-20s) I've suffered from acne. I always go on a rampage to find the "cure" and always come back to the basics: dove soap, and brands like phisoderm & cetaphil are good too. In fact, I don't remember getting even one pimple since starting dove soap & my eczema has been in check too. I use the basic beauty bar but they have lots of different kinds. HUGS to you!

JoeGirl said...

Oh Shannon... I hear you. The only successes I have heard for ProActive are teens, and we KNOW our skin is so different. I am battling some mild dermatitis on my chin since starting (then stopping 6 weeks later) the pill again. I am keeping my routine DEAD simple. Cetaphil cleanser. Lukewarm water. Nothing on my face in terms of makeup (what Mom has time for THAT anyway!?), and a mild, basis moisturizer in the am and pm. Applied extremely lightly to my chin.

I have had VERY good results with Paula Begoun's system. She is the amazing author of Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without me. Brilliant researcher who dishes on all the products. Why they do and don't work, and how to know what YOUR skin needs. Have a look through her website. you may find some useful information.

Good luck, and keep smiling. Even if it hurts. This too shall pass ;)

Beth Cotell said...

Sounds like you had an allergic reaction to something in it.

I've used Proactive and had good results and lately I've even used the off brand version that I've gotten at Wal-Mart...can't remember the name but it's in an orange pack.

Maybe you should see a dermatologist.

I'm no help whatsoever!

The Mom Jen said...

Oh no sweetie! I have the most sensitive skin either...I HAVE to use cheap cosmetics on my face Mary Kay even makes me break out!

I hope it heals quickly!!

Simply Shannon said...

Ouch! Good to know since I have contemplated ordering some of that myself.
I hope that your face feels better soon.

Donna M said...

I would say you have definitely had an allergic reaction to the treatment. Get your money back and check their website for any info re your situation.
Poor Shan. You really don't need this!

Kristen said...

So Sorry Shannon for your reaction to this. Really it must be the worst!

My skin was still breaking out after having Anya, and she just turned two. I finally went to the dermatologist and got meds that have made it totally better. He said that breaking out, is actually very common in 30 year old moms after birth. Maybe head to the doctor and see what they can do.

I know that I have been super happy!! Let me know if I can help in any other way! :)

Carol said...

Ouch poor you. I am a victim of adult acne too. In my 20's Accutance cleared it up beautfully but since having kids it has resurfaced. The only thing that really clears it up for me if cutting out all drinks except water and drinking gallons of it. It takes a few weeks but it always works for me.

I just iwsh water tasted more like Cherry Coke.

BookMamma said...

Oh no!!! How awful for you! I totally agree with landerson - a facial is in order to help you feel better, and you in NO way deserve anything less.

Do you have a dermatologist? You might be surprised what insurance will cover. Not a great short-term solution but maybe it will give you peace of mind in the long run. I use Proactive and never had a reaction... sounds like your skin just needs a little TLC by a pro.

Unknown said...

Oh, honey, I am so sorry.

I hate ProActiv. I bought some a few years ago and my whole face itched, dried out, was red and scaly feeling.

Sending you (((hugs)))

Laural Out Loud said...

I had the same reaction when I used Retin-A a few years ago. It was so so painful, and people at work tried not to look at me when I walked down the hall, lol.

Big Mama had a whole thing on washing with oil, and it's great. If you want to know more, email me and I'll get you the link.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! You definitely deserve a facial.

Kimberly said...

Okay, so I have really dry skin and anything like that, that comes near my face, within 5 feet sets it ablaze. I can so relate and have much empathy!! I hope your face feels better soon. Good news? You are still really pretty despite a burn:)

Love your blog, glad I stumbled upon it.


Rebecca said...

OUCH....that looks sore Shans, hope it is better by now.

I do know that some of these treatments make you look worse before you look better, if it has Retin A in it that would by why you look like you do. :(

dougnlarry said...

Yikes! I feel bad b/c I told you it worked for me. Sorry you had such a bad reaction.

tiarastantrums said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! After my third child was born, I developed the bumps on my forehead and sides of my face as well. Not white popping pimples, just bumps. I went to a derm, she gave me this stuff to use - my face - JUST LIKE YOURS! Burned the skin off my face!!!!! Someone told me get Proactiv - I'm glad I didn't after seeing the pictures of you!!
This is what I use: it is labor intensive - but keeps the Milia (bumps) at bay. Retin-A, every other day, this drys your skin out, so you have to use a good moisturizer on top of it. Wash and toner 2x a day. a good scrub(exfl.) every 2-3 days. Bion - this stuff seems to wrok reallywell with my skin.
Good luck!
And facials never worked for me - made my face worse!!

Marti said...

I have had the EXACT same experience with ProActiv. My mild (and I do mean mild) acne was the bane of my mothers existence when I was a teen and she was forever giving me different product to try and make me into her image. So eventually she got around to ProActiv and I thought I was going to die. Exact same thing...two days in and I was a complete freakshow.

I'm 30 now, my acne has been awful (and I do mean really awful) for years, which I thought was the pill but I guess not. Now that I'm pregnant, it's exceptionally awful. I have no advice, but a whole heep of sympathy.

Angela Fehr said...

I get a reaction to benzoyl peroxide - itchy, red, burning skin. I used it in small doses as a teen until I realized it was hurting me! I've been so tempted to try it again because of those ProActiv commercials. Thirty-somethings aren't supposed to have acne! I hate my skin sometimes - I just tell myself I make up for it by being an artistic, crafty, smart supermom. Choose your own delusion. ;P

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