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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Had a great TIME this weekend :-)

We had a nice weekend here in our cold, winter city. We got outside a couple times with the kids, despite them being sick. I was pleasantly surprised to get up on Saturday morning and have delicious coffee made for me on my birthday!! (It's usually my job, so it was a big treat to have someone else make it). Then Paul surprised (well, stunned is more like it) me with the most beautiful new watch - it's so gorgeous and nice and is perfect for me. It's exactly what I would have chosen myself so he earned lots of points for that one. And speaking of brownies . . .

Mmmmmmmmmm, this cake was soooooooooooooooooo good!! I was really spoiled. The best gift, however, was probably Leah giving me her first big smile!!! Paul and I nearly melted as she looked up at us and grinned ear to ear! And, no, it *wasn't* gas b/c she did it several more times and throughout the day on Sunday too. No pictures yet, of course she never did it when we had the camera ready. Ahhhhhh, the simple pleasures that make a mommy complete.

Pete enjoyed a piece of that delicious triple chocolate cake - it was really to die for!!!

Our sweet little smiler had a nice hot bath - these are becoming more and more frequent as Leah has taken to daily poop explosions in her diaper. She likes to save her poops and *explode* everywhere, all at once. No matter what I've tried I can't stop her from being covered in head to toe poop. It's gross. Paul went to change her diaper last night, unzipped her sleeper only to see her adorable little chubby body covered in #$%&*!. I heard the familiar "Shan, go fill the bath" so I came running.

One can almost not believe something this gorgeous could cause such a big poopy mess!!!

We caught Pete at one of his more cuddlier moments with his little sister - awwwwwwwwwwww!

We took the boys sledding and tubing yesterday in the sunny, warm weather. Leah was a trooper in her cute little bunting bag - I'd say she's loving the Canadian winters already!! She loves being carried in my sling or baby bjorn, so I've been taking she and Rudy for walks on nice days. We all need the fresh air after a cooped-up long winter.


Donna M said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday! Paul came through in spades!
The kids look great and Leah is growing so fast!

Liz said...

Such adorable cuties!!!! The cake looks pretty awesome too!!!

lexa said...

That's a sweet picture of big brother with baby sister!

I hope I get some royal treatment this Saturday, but I doubt that will happen...

Landerson said...

OMG that cake looks awesome! Leah's growing like a weed! Adorable:0)

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