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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Princess Leah is four weeks old

Leah is four weeks old already!!! The time is going so fast, we can all hardly believe it. She's a little sweetie and is really gaining lots of weight - she's become a little pudge already :-) She's a great nurser and loves her milk, so I guess that's where the ballooning chubby cheeks are coming from. The boys are totally loving her, and are getting used to what life is like with a new baby around (busy, hectic, boring when mommy is breastfeeding). They've certainly had their *moments* and have exhibited more signs of jealousy than I had anticipated, but overall our family of five is starting to run like a well-oiled machine. I can only imagine things will improve tremendously when Spring comes and nice weather arrives in Ottawa - ah . . . the days when I can get out and walk, play at the park and sit outside with the three kids. It seems far off but I hope it will be just around the corner :-) But, for these last few weeks of winter I will diligently continue to pack three kids under age four into snow suits MANY times during the week and smush them into their car seats in the van. I mean, these are the days I will long to go back to when they are all teenagers and begging me to lend them my brand new Mercedes, right ;-)?

Here we have Princess Leah modeling one of her cute little pink outfits. We still don't make it out of pjs and sleepers many days, so I snapped this shot to make it appear to the outside world that we dress our children.

If the cheeks could talk they would say "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, more milk please!"

Napping in big brother's bed early one morning . . .

The boys hangin' with their sister.

Proud big brother Pete, unaware that he elbowed Leah in the face.

David LOVES to hold Leah and asks several times a day to hold her.

Here is David tickling her - I had to chuckle at the expression on her face :-)

So signing off for now and back to my life of chaos, no sleep, meal plans, computerized grocery lists (yes, I have become *that* person - but in fairness it is really hard to survive without total and complete anal-retentive organization), poopy dipes, feeding, poopy dipes, ETC!!!!


Donna M said...

I cannot believe how much she has grown since I left Ottawa on Feb.2!
Glad the boys are adjusting to that cute little thing!

lexa said...

That last picture -- it totally looks like she's telling him something! "Hey, stop tickling me, NOW!"

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