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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two stylin' lads . . .

Although it has been unseasonably mild here for the past few months, AND we had a green Christmas, it DID snow on boxing day. A *little* bit.

Rudy scopes out the 'hood . . .

I'm trying to get some pictures of the kids in some of their new clothes. I'm becoming a children's clothes addict and love finding sales. We got some great deals at Gymboree before the holidays. Pete in a Gymboree outfit - I loved the St. Bernard on the shirt. Pete loves his "puppy" shirt!

I found this Ralph Lauren rugby in Syracuse for $19.99!!! WOW. It is so cute and Paul adores rugby shirts so I couldn't say no . . . and thanks to Karla for finding it on the sales rack for me!

David's been using Peter's new Fisher Price laptop more than he has!!

Another Gymbo outfit from the Snow Patrol collection . . . I just love this kid in overalls!

Two handsome guys being sports and posing for mommy!


lexa said...

Looks like you had an excellent Christmas! I love watching the boys open their gifts. I cooked turkey for like the second or third time in my life, and never one that big! It was good, and there's lots of leftovers.

Have a Happy New Year!

Donna M said...

Great pictures of the boys in their new clothes! David is quite the little model isn't he? And Pete looks handsome with his new haircut!
Nice that everyone could get together that night. I knew Dave would have to come see Rudy if nobody else.
Happy New Year!

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