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Friday, January 27, 2006

Professional Photos - January 2006

We had a professional photographer take a family photo of us as well as some baby photos of David! We did them in early January and they turned out quite well. Having two children under age two awake, happy and looking at the camera at the same time proved quite challenging! In lieu of Christmas cards this year I am sending out Winter/New Year cards so most of our family and friends will be receiving one of these photos in the mail shortly :-)


lexa said...

What sweet baby pictures! I don't know what one is the cutest!!! Cool sling, too.

Anonymous said...

David takes quite the picture, I think he likes the camera. Very nice!

Donna M said...

Shan the pics are wonderful!! Can't wait to get ours!!

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures you guys are such a great looking family. :)

And what a cute blanket ;)


Liz said...

I found you on Ivillage. I have two sons also my oldest (Ean) was born 3/13/04 and my youngest (Ben) on 9/25/05. I noticed your are real close. You have a beautiful family, it is neat to see someone else with the same age kids and read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Cold but fun! I love all the Winterlude pics. That "beaver tail" looks yummy. Didn't last long did it? ;)

David is getting so big. His pictures are too cute. How did you ever decide which one to get?

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