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Saturday, January 21, 2006

New Card Designs!

Here are some of my more recent card designs. I have started to sell my cards, which is really exciting! I'm going to start packaging them in groups and marketing them to businesses. A couple companies have purchased some birthday and thank you cards to send to their clients - the home-made cards have been very well received which is what made me think there may be more business potential here! People really seem to love receiving a home-made card, I guess there seems to be a lot of thought and effort put into it!

I'm hoping to start a web site eventually with all my designs and possibly a way in which people who are interested could order some cards. I suppose my big issue will be trying to keep up with demand . . . with two little guys under age two right now my time is fairly limited.

Many of these cards have very simple and basic designs since that was what was requested. I'll try and post some more of my more elaborate designs too for people who might be interested in purchasing interesting and unique birthday cards with flair!!


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