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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend Update - Jan. 21st

Here is little David (ok, not so little anymore!) in ANOTHER cute outfit his aunt Lauren gave him! It's so fleecey and soft and warm and just great for our cold Ottawa winter! I swear this kid smiles a milli-second after I take each picture . . .

David hit 12 weeks on Friday and it's hard to believe he is almost three months (January 28th). He is smiling all the time now and laughing a lot and is such a super happy little boy. He's a lot of fun. He played outside in the snow today with his brother and mom and dad and Rudy. Well, we watched basically while Paul snow-blowed and shoveled the driveway! Finally the rain stopped here and we got some real Ottawa winter snow this morning.

Peter and David did some finger painting today and made a beautiful card for their grandmother's birthday tomorrow. She is going to love it, it has both their precious little handprints on it!

Everyone curled up on a cold winter afternoon for a quick snooze - hey, I'm tired too, can I come lay down with you guys??? Rudy is sure cute these days in his fuzzy winter coat - we keep it long in the winter to keep him well insulated :-)


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