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Friday, January 13, 2006

January "pick me up" photos!

Well, it's January in Ottawa and pretty winterish here!! Although it's been fairly mild this week by typically-freezing-cold Ottawa standards. It even rained today and I took the boys out in their double stroller for an hour long walk with Rudy. Everyone had fun but we were all a bit muddy when we got home!!

Here are a few recent shots to warm everyone's spirits this chilly winter:
Hangin' out in the crib together!!!

Awwww shucks, Peter really does love his lil' brother!! Is that a hug I see???

More brother shots!!!

Little David is 11 weeks old today!! He is growing like a weed and loves to breastfeed :-) We had some problems initially but he is doing much better now and nurses like a real champ! And virtually pain-free for me too! At his two month check up he weighed 11 lbs 4 oz but I'm guessing he's much heavier than that now . . . look at those chubby cheeks, who can resist him??

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mark gave David this cute outfit for Christmas . . . he looks just smashing in it if you ask me :-) David laughs a lot and *coos* all the time, he is a lot more "talkative" than Peter was at this age. He is finally smiling more and more which makes us all so happy. He loves to stare into my eyes and smile from ear to ear. He loves to smile at his brother too, and stare at his crazy antics!

We are still a little tired here due to the fact both boys were sick with colds this week - two kids up at night is quite hard! They're feeling better now so hopefully some rest will be in our future. David typically wakes only once - sometimes twice - a night for a feeding and mom is crossing her fingers for that elusive "sleep through the night" moment in her near future :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was lurking around on the Nov. Mom's board and saw your post. I miss you over on mom's bored. I hope all is well!


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