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Saturday, February 11, 2006

David is 15 weeks old!

Trying, trying and trying to get a picture of David smiling . . . you'd never believe that he smiles all the time considering how hard it is to get a picture with the *big* smile! We'll keep working on it. David's doing so well, he is 15 weeks old now, hard to believe how fast times fly! We've been out and about a lot lately, keeping Pete busy going to playgroups and other activities during the week. David is always such a good baby when we are out doing our "stuff"! Peter loves his playgroups and enjoys playing with other kids and working on art and playing around. He is saying three and four words together now and is just talking so much . . . needless to say we are very excited that he can communicate so well with us now.

He says "bye bye see you Rudy" and "it's right der" quite a lot lately. He says something hilarious that makes us laugh at least once every day!!

Here are some 15 week old photos of little David:

I'm a such a big boy sitting in my bumbo!!!

And I'm an even bigger guy sitting in my brother's big chair!!!

I'm trying to have a nap in peace and everyone keeps taking my picture!!!

Words can't express how much I love this swing . . . I could spend my life swinging if only my parents would let me!!!

My parents keep telling me I'm a real "looker" ;-)


lexa said...

He's soooo cute! I love that bumbo chair! Too bad they don't make them adult-sized - bet it would be comfy! :)

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