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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Introducing the New Slim Guy in my Life

I am not typically a SUCKER for television infomercials . . . but once in a blue moon, when I am up in the middle of the night, nursing a baby, or perhaps a sick child, or even chasing my dog through a snow storm in my pyjamas, my groggy self will reach for my computer keyboard and I soon find myself ordering something online that I've been watching.

It is *always* something that will "change my life forever", is "a limited one-time offer", and more importantly - as luck would have it - I always manage to catch these infomercials at ironically the exact moment that "if I call now, I can save the shipping and handling fee and be sent four more items at NO EXTRA COST".

Is that fate, or WHAT?

On one particularly quiet night several weeks ago, I was nursing a sick baby who couldn't seem to get back to sleep. Bailing on my original plan to sit in a perfectly dark and quiet room to help rock her back to sleep, I headed downstairs to curl up with her on the couch and watch TV.

And there she was. She spoke directly to me. It was like she had stepped out of our flat-screen TV, just for a moment, to share with me all she had learned . . . and to offer her product to me for a one-time, limited price. She tossed around phrases like "30-day money back guarantee" and "one year warranty" and even beckoned me to view the online testimonials.

I instantly felt a connection with her. She was my new BFF.

Several days later, my husband suddenly became one of TWO slim guys in our house to which I have a very close relationship.

I give you - the H20 Mop:

Oh yes I did really buy a steam-cleaning water mop from an infomercial.

My stupid plastic mop had recently broken and I was fed up with trying to keep the floors clean. With three Things, a husband who habitually forgets to take his shoes off, and one dirty dog, I yearn for clean floors. Those floors on TV where you just know they're okay to eat off of.

And while I love my green cleaning products, some days I want to chuck out all my Pink Solution and grab a bottle of something filled with ammonia, bleach, and other cancer-causing chemicals that I at least know are actually removing grime from my floors.

This mop seemed like a good solution - no harsh cleaners, cleans with steaming hot water, it is lightweight, you don't need to fill a bucket or mix cleaner in it, and it genuinely works quite well. We don't have a big house, and I basically only do a small surface at a time - the kitchen after a dirty meal, the hallways after muddy paw prints make their way down them - so I'm not sure how this would fair in a large house with bigger floor space. I read some testimonials from people complaining that the floor stays wet after you use it - which I did notice a little, although my floors were certainly wet after I mopped, so it's not something I find that inconvenient.

No, I am not being paid by the mop people to write this, I truly think it's a neat, eco-friendly and green household product.

Not to mention that it's a good lesson in realizing that those voices speaking to you in the middle of the night may just have something valuable to share.


Anonymous said...

Well, look at that! Looks great and if it works well... congrats on the addition to the household!

Amy said...

I was up late last night and saw an infomercial for these spanx-like knee to boob bodyshaper things. Very convincing. But at one point the host said something about them being made out of bamboo fiber and the quasi-celebrity sidekick says, "I've never heard of clothes being made out of bamboo!" Really??? Have you been living in a cave?

I didn't buy it (even though if I HAD, I would've gotten a second FREE pair in black.. sigh). I was going to link to it, but couldn't find it online this morning.

Loukia said...

You're very funny! And you know what, it looks like something practical! I for one hate going to the basement to get the mop and fill the bucket with Mr. Clean (I know, I know) to wash the floors... and then back down again to dump the water, etc... this device you purchased looks awesome! And I'm glad you are happy with it! See, not all infomercials are bad!
You know what we have bought off of infomercials? Magic Putty. That stuff is great!

Phyllis said...

hmmm....maybe I should try that -- I've been looking for a better/greener way to clean my floors.

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

NOW I want one! Even though I love my Norwex wet/dry mop.

And I still rarely wash the floor. I hate washing the floor with a passion. The vacuuming or sweeping first, the moving all the chairs...ugh.


Great post!

amanda said...

your new slim guy is very cute :)

honestly buying something from an infomercial is on my list of things to do before i die. i just haven't found "the" thing!


Landerson said...

Like mother, like daughter. She just bought something very similar! And I confess, I got sucked into buying the Magic Bullet a while ago. Didn't love it. How do they make things look so amazing on TV? Also a "middle of the night whilst up with infant" purchase.

Donna M said...

LOL!!! I haven't tried mine yet. I got the Bissel one from Amazon. Hope I'm as pleased as you are!

Unknown said...

I have the Shark version of this and I like it a lot. It's alot "greener" than the Swiffer since the pad are re-usable. Glad you like your late-night purchase! : )

The Preppy Princess said...

You are too funny Miss Mom, of course they are speaking directly to you! We saw this commercial today and thought it looked like a great product! So we say, good for you!

Shan said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been looking at one at Canadian Tire for a while now.

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