Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Who is my real daddy?

Peter: "Mommy, where does my *real* daddy live?"

Me: "Uh, what do you mean?"

Peter: "I mean, where does my real daddy live? Do I have more toys at his house? Like new toys, that I've never seen before?"

Me: "Uh, Paul, that tall man that lives with us, he is your REAL daddy Peter . . . he's the only one."

Peter: "Oh, I was just curious about my real daddy."

Me: "Paul IS your real daddy Peter - he's all you've got honey."

Assuming Peter picked this up at preschool, I followed this conversation with a discussion that explained that some boys and girls have more than one mommy and daddy, and that sometimes they live at a different house. But that they all love the children all the same, equally. I presume more difficult conversations are to come, this is likely the first of many :-)

p.s. The other interesting conversation we had yesterday went like this.

Peter: "Mommy, David is really annoying so I've decided to put him in jail for a little while."

Me: "I know sometimes little brothers can be difficult but wouldn't you be sad if David wasn't around to play with you?"

Peter: "yes, I guess he's not that bad but when he touches my toys I may put him in jail."


Beth said...

LOL - too funny. My girl has put the baby in jail before (behind the baby gate) and I've had to rescue him.

Donna said...

Pete is too smart for his own good, as I am sure you know! Poor David will have to be able to handle himself from now on.

erika said...

LMAO... I have never gotten a "real daddy" question, that's a new one! And, jail? That's clever.

AK Alter Ego said...

LMAO, he is clever!!

lexa said...

Too funny! You never know what they'll come out with.

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