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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Who is my real daddy?

Peter: "Mommy, where does my *real* daddy live?"

Me: "Uh, what do you mean?"

Peter: "I mean, where does my real daddy live? Do I have more toys at his house? Like new toys, that I've never seen before?"

Me: "Uh, Paul, that tall man that lives with us, he is your REAL daddy Peter . . . he's the only one."

Peter: "Oh, I was just curious about my real daddy."

Me: "Paul IS your real daddy Peter - he's all you've got honey."

Assuming Peter picked this up at preschool, I followed this conversation with a discussion that explained that some boys and girls have more than one mommy and daddy, and that sometimes they live at a different house. But that they all love the children all the same, equally. I presume more difficult conversations are to come, this is likely the first of many :-)

p.s. The other interesting conversation we had yesterday went like this.

Peter: "Mommy, David is really annoying so I've decided to put him in jail for a little while."

Me: "I know sometimes little brothers can be difficult but wouldn't you be sad if David wasn't around to play with you?"

Peter: "yes, I guess he's not that bad but when he touches my toys I may put him in jail."


Beth said...

LOL - too funny. My girl has put the baby in jail before (behind the baby gate) and I've had to rescue him.

Donna M said...

Pete is too smart for his own good, as I am sure you know! Poor David will have to be able to handle himself from now on.

erika said...

LMAO... I have never gotten a "real daddy" question, that's a new one! And, jail? That's clever.

AK Alter Ego said...

LMAO, he is clever!!

lexa said...

Too funny! You never know what they'll come out with.

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