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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Master of his room

Pete is becoming more and more independent - and why not, right? I mean, he's three and a half now!! So instead of the many complaints to mommy about David going in his room, climbing up on the top bunk or bothering his toys or books, Pete came up with his own fool-proof plan to keep his little brother out of his room.

And somehow this line of stuff did manage to keep little David out - for the time being. Poor Pete will get the shock of his life when he realized David will be moving in with him soon enough. He's a bright kid, so I think he's already "getting the picture". He's asked a few times where the little girl will be sleeping when she arrives :-)

We took the boys to a local pumpkin patch and Halloween park - it was lots of fun but was windy and chilly the day we went - didn't get many photos. Here are my guys in the corn maze. We made it out alive, thankfully :-)
I splurged on a new fall outfit for Peter from Gymboree - it was marked down, plus I had an additional 25 per cent off. It was a great deal - it really suits him so well. It has a sweet down vest and cuffed jeans that go with it. He models it here on a cool Fall day (and we haven't had many lately!!).


Donna M said...

Clever Pete and so cute in his new outfit!

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