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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Superhero pals

Pete and David have had colds on and off the past couple weeks. They've gone in and out of being PDS (pretty darn sick) and then slip into periods where I almost think they are getting better. Pete had a nasty case of laryngitis this weekend. It wasn't all that fun. Not only did he have this nasty frog in his throat that drove him bezerk, but he couldn't talk and was easily frustrated by his inability to communicate with us. He didn't sleep well either, we had a few nights he woke up 6-8 times a night, totally bothered by the cough and husky throat situation. He seems a bit better today so I hope we're turning a corner.

David actually seemed a bit worse today, with his cough seemingly coming back. He's typically always in pretty good spirits though, and aside from some minor clinginess, he's still raring to go.

This morning was my volunteer day at Peter's preschool. It went well, although I was tempted to keep him home b/c he wasn't back to normal yet. I figured that was too big a step backwards, after more than a month of insisting he go back each time, twice a week, no matter how hard he cried. His teacher informs me he stops crying within 5 minutes of my leaving him, and he is certainly happy when I pick him up. He doesn't tell me he hates it there or is upset that I've left him there - all good signs, right? So we chug along. Last week was actually much better - almost no tears at all either day at drop off and none at all at home (and those are the hardest - the breakfast tears and the relentless begging that he not go - the insistence he has come down with some rare disease and is simply too sick to go to school). So I was bound and determined not to miss today if we didn't need to.

Pete was very proud to have his mom there :-) Of course I completely screwed up by taking in cookies with NUTS for snack . . . in a nut-free school. I mean, I'm a teacher, I'm aware of the nut-freeness of our society today. But I forgot, and Pete had urged me to bring his favourite Dutch cookies in to share with his friends. Thankfully I also brought fresh fruit, so the kids - while disappointed - didn't starve.

I found Pete to be quiet and shy at school - I don't know if that is b/c I was there today, or because he was not feeling 100 per cent. But he is certainly a smart kid - he knew the answers to all the teachers questions and I beamed when he repeatedly raised his hand and gave *correct* answers when called on by his teacher. He seemed helpful and attentive as well, shocking me into the reality that your child acts differently with others than he does at home with you. Hhhmmmm, what have I taken on here?

And on a lighter note . . .

The boys have taken up a serious relationship with my dishtowels lately. They are on a superhero kick and adore dressing up like their favourite superhero a la dishtowel extraordinaire!

Pete plasters on his Spiderman swim goggles and rollerblading gloves to complete the look:

David and his dish-wiping cape make a narrow escape from the dangerous villain above.

Simply too cute to be all that dangerous ;-)

He means business. Stay out of his path or he'll trap you in his web!


Donna M said...

Sorry to hear that the boys are sick. It is so hard on them and you when they feel miserable.

Cute pics of the super heroes!

lexa said...

Hope the boys get better really fast!

They make cute superheroes -- is that how they're going out on Halloween? LOL!

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