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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Saint John 2007

I have finally come up for air after a long vacation, a week with our internet cut off and a long weekend of family visiting!! I have lots to update so I'll start with our first road trip of the summer, to Saint John, New Brunswick.

My mom kindly flew up (only a couple weeks before her knee replacement surgery) to Ottawa to help me drive down to NB with the boys. Paul only had a week vacation left, so he joined us for the second part of our trip. The drive down went surprisingly well and we stopped overnight in Edmundston to help break our trip up. We were welcomed with some pretty nice weather and we spent the week at my sister's bunkhouse, right behind their cottage and overlooking the river. The boys had a blast and loved the wilderness and the water and visiting with their cousin Reese.

Here is the view from their main cottage - it's really beautiful. Except David sort of took a major header down the steep hill on the first day . . . . whoops. He bounced back nicely from that one.

Mmmmmmmmm, David in his pjs ready for some breakfast one morning.

All three playing outside on the front deck.

Three cousins in a box!

Reese on her first birthday - so gorgeous!!

Lauren and Mark on Reese's christening - their priest did the service right AT their cottage, it was really nice.

Here we are during the baptism service.

Paul flew down for the last few days and caught some zzzzzzzs with the boys.


Donna M said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great holiday! Too bad the time is so short and flies by so quickly!
Knee is coming along nicely!

lexa said...

That's pretty cool that he did the christening there.

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