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Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day 2007

Canada Day 2007 was a big hit for the boys!! Although the temperatures didn't really agree and dropped to about ten degrees (what the heck is that about in Ottawa in July???). We were decked out in sweatshirts and jeans to go see all the National Capital Canada Events - kind of silly looking but fun nonetheless!!!

We had a BBQ at our place last night. Doug and Karla brought their rocket blasters and the kids had a "blast" with them. A couple were actually launched well outside the perimeter of our yard :-) I was pleasantly surprised that the boys made it all the way to 10:00 p.m. to see some local fireworks. They were pretty good as far as fireworks go, I'd say. We weren't ready to make the trek downtown and fight the crowds to see the Disney-sized fireworks on Parliamant Hill, but I'm sure we'll be doing that plenty as the boys get older. We pulled the kids over to our local school in the wagon (wrapped in blankets b/c it was so freaking cold!) and they had a really great time (glow sticks and bracelets in tote, of course!!). Thanks Karla :-)

Here is the whole gang looking up . . . up . . . WAY up!! Where did that rocket go????

The kids charge Doug to get a turn launching the rockets.

David (in his pjs) is fascinated by this toy and diligently checks out every little detail.

Here are the boys yesterday as we headed to Andrew Hayden park for the festivities.

Paul and Pete try their hand at the bumper cars.

And Doug and Liam try and show them who's the better bumper!

Pete in a little airplane ready for take off. The not-so-little girl behind him asked if she could sit in the front with him. He said no.

David looking a little tired after too much fun.

Liam, Peter and David ride the trucks!! David must have been the littlest one on these rides!

Pete is in the second car of this mild little roller coaster. He had so much fun - I was much more scared than he was ;-)

I'm throwing in a couple gorgeous pictures of David in a couple new outfits. Just because.

Pete and David having a snack in the backyard.

Pete wearing a cool surfer outfit my friend Candice made. Isn't it cool??? It fits him really well and he loves wearing it!!!


Donna M said...

Looks like everyone had a great Canada Day! The rides must have been lots of fun for the boys.

Welcome to our world with your temperature changes. Must make you feel like you're back in NS!

lexa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I hope they have the alligator ride this weekend for Privateer Days -- it's their favorite ride. I see a bunch of them have arrived already, but I didn't see it.

Landerson said...

Is that surfer Tyrone?? Cool dude!

I know I say it every time I post a comment, but I can't believe how grown up they're getting. Pete on a roller coaster by himself??? Brings a tear to my eye;)

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