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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nova Scotia in the summer

For the second part of our vacation we drove over to Nova Scotia to visit my parents. We rented this cottage/home with our friends Doug and Karla and their kiddies Liam and Taylor. The house was beautiful and huge, so there was plenty of room for everyone. We ate lots of seafood and quite a lot of alcohol was consumed too (not by me, sadly).

Here is Willow Cottage, where we stayed in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia.

The whole week was HOT and SUNNY and we spent a lot of time at the beach. The kids loved it, I can't believe how much my boys love the beach - they can spend hours there and be completely content. Here they are cooling off on a hot day at one of the most beautiful beaches on the South Shore, Summerville Beach.

Here is a pretty good view looking down one side of the beach - ahhhh, heaven!

Four dirty, sandy kids in a tub :-)

To break up our week we headed up the shore to Lunenburg for a day. We missed the Bluenose (it wasn't in port that week) but we saw lots of boats and took a tour of the Atlantic Fisheries museum. AND had some yummy seafood. We went to the Ovens Provincial Sea Caves park for the afternoon for some hiking.

Pete contemplating his big afternoon.

Here's a big sailboat would could see from the top of the cliffs.

The gang at the entrance of one of the caves. (It was a long walk down!).

A view along the coast, where we hiked.

Pete overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

The boys hiking.

It was a great trip, the weather was perfect and we had lots of fun. My parents had us over for dinner a number of times and spent lots of time with the boys. We went to White Point (where we were married) for dinner on our last night and we all had a great time.


lexa said...

Nice pictures! My boys love the beach. I love The Ovens, too, but I have bad knees, and the stair climbing is too much. I have to avoid some of the big climbs.

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