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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sleeping - we've all moved!

Well, we've had a little bit of excitement in our home over the past week or so! Peter has finally made the *official* transition to his big boy bed in his new bedroom - no more crib sleeping for him! We have a rail on the bed and Peter can easily get in and out of his bed, we've had no falls and no accidents so far. Here is a moment I caught during nap time . . . ha ha ha with his army of soothers lined up!!

Naps have been truly amazing - Peter will play in his room for a few minutes and then climb into bed and go to sleep! Bed time routines are a bit longer, lots of book reading and relaxing before he'll actually go to sleep. But overall we couldn't be happier with how the transition went!

And, so of course, this is where little David is now sleeping - I didn't actually get a picture with David in the crib, but so far so good! He seems to really like it and has even slept through the night completely several times so far.


lexa said...

Glad that Peter likes his bed! Neither one of my boys stay in their own beds all night. Every morning when I wake up they're both in with me. It's very, very rare that they stay all night in their own beds. Trouble is I don't hear them come in through the night so I can't take them back to their beds!

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