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Monday, February 20, 2006

David - 16 weeks old!

David is growing quickly and doing more and more every day. He loves to grab all sorts of toys and put them in his mouth. And no wonder, the poor little guy seems to be getting his first tooth! Oh my - not even four months old yet. Lots of drooling, some diarrhea, fussiness, fists in mouth . . . sounds (and looks) like a tooth to me!

He loves to scream with glee and coo and makes noises all day long! And he's suddenly awake so much more during the day and is sleeping sooooo much more at night!

Here are a few pictures . . . again :-)

"I'm sure I can eat this thing if I try hard enough!!!"

I just love to sit in my bumbo - I can sit up like a big boy!


Donna M said...

Pete is sooooo cute in his big boy bed! And David isn't bad either. Such a happy little fellow!

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