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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Four month old sweetie!

David is four months old now! He is babbling and cooing all the time and is rolling over like a pro. He loves to hold onto his toys now and shove them into his mouth. He likes to laugh at his brother and Rudy too. He seems to be getting a tooth and is in a bit of pain, poor little guy! We're not sure of his weight but we think he's around 14 pounds . . . he has a check up on Monday so I'm sure the doc will tell us!

Here is David's first time in the high chair!

And sneaking a peek out of the crib (yes, he had assistance with that move)!

Just looking cute . . .
Hangin' out in the exersaucer . . .

And rolling over on his playmat:


Donna M said...

Peek is the word I think you want. Not the top of a mountain.
The Vocabulary police

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