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Friday, October 23, 2009


Thing 1 was inaugurated the other night.

Yes, our oldest little man was officially sworn in as a Beaver. It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with separation anxiety and preschool, and suddenly time has shifted at an alarming speed and it's like I blinked my eyes and suddenly, out of nowhere, my oldest son is a Beaver?? Wearing a handsome little uniform and being sworn by a Scouting official with his "brown tail".

Check out the torches and all the official paraphernalia . . . pretty cool. These guys are pretty tough, they even stuck it out on a cold, wet weeknight in Ottawa's west end.

And a little over three decades ago his daddy was participating in his very own swearing in ceremony. In the exact same Beaver colony, at the exact same location.


Anonymous said...

So sweet!

My firstborn will start Sparks next year. Which, of course, didn't exist when I was in Girl Guides, but I'm still looking forward to it rather immensely. :)

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That is awesome! And so special because of his Daddy paving the way before him.

I am really looking forward to Judah being involved in a program like this. Such a great thing for kids!

Congratulations to your Beaver!


Donna M said...

Congrats to Pete on becoming a Beaver! The father doesn't look too proud, does he?

C! said...

That is so awesome - I'm sure you guys are proud! Congratulations to Pete!!

Chantal said...

oh that is so sweet!

dougnlarry said...

He's so cute! Congrats Pete! :)

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