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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We gathered up our 3 Things a couple weekends ago and headed south to the ever-popular Mountain Orchards to pick and gather ourselves some juicy, sweet apples.

We made the trip with our friends (who also happen to be our neighbours . . . how cool is that?) and we all had a fabulous time. It ended up being pretty darn hot (at least 25 degrees for sure) and we all broke a sweat trudging through the fields and climbing up trees in search of the perfect red one.

Take a peek at the 3 Things reaching new heights. The shot was so perfect I did have to let go of the ladder in order to take a picture. No Thing was harmed in the taking of this photo.

Thing 3 had a very bad habit of taking one bite and then throwing the rest of the apple in the bag. She's kinda too cute to stay angry with for long.

Thing 2 proved to be an expert apple-picker for a very inexperienced three-year-old. He picked out the very smoothest, reddest, most blemish-free apples . . . and then ate them.

Thing 1 came pretty close to the earth's atmosphere when six foot many inches D.J. lifted him up in a tree.

Yes, I have concluded that a day at the apple orchard on a beautifully gorgeous sunny Sunday, with lovely friends, and wide open spaces through which your children can run wild - and wait - did I mention the trees??? Trees for them to climb every way you turned your head. Yes, this was definitely a fantastic way to spend a day.

Mountain Orchards is famous for their apple cider donuts. So famous that at least a dozen people randomly spoke to me about them. And, since there is no moss growing one me, I did indeed wait over 30 minutes in this painfully long line for a taste of the greasy apple goodness.

They were so delicious, in fact, that I never stopped eating long enough to snap a photo of them.

Are you, too, stuck with dozens of apples coming out your ying-yang? I suggested a list of apple recipes to try on A Crafty Mom Cooks. I've made a few of them and so far the applesauce is by far a family favourite.


Unknown said...

What fun! I can't believe how much older they all look!

Isabella would love to go to an apple orchard--girlfriend LOVES her some apples :)

Chantal said...

I have never been to Mountain Orchard. I guess a trip is in order :) If it ever stops raining!

Anti-Supermom said...

I love it when you Canadians spell 'favorite' with a 'u'. It looks so cool and well, European ;)

The pictures are fabulous, looks like you all had a good time. We are hopefully headed to orchard in a few weeks.

You might even convince me to look at you homemade applesauce recipe, maybe...

Megan said...

so funny to hear you call 25 degrees hot.

glad you had so much fun!!! we'll be doing the same soon, i think!


Donna M said...

Looks like delicious apples! And the kids are pretty delicious looking too!

dougnlarry said...

I love apples. I wish there was a place around here to go apple picking.

Christine at Origami Mommy said...

So cute! I really miss apple picking. We used to go every year when we lived in the US. It's one of the things I look most forward to about moving back.

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh, this looks so fun Miss Mom, and all the little things are clearly having a blast. What great memories and fabulous pictures.

It's great to be caught up a little bit with you, seeing that the boys take the bus together, etc. But we're with you, three hours does *not* a half-day make.

Missed you lots & tickled you are back, sending a big smile and a hug in your direction,

Sean said...

Aww the kids look so happy and cute too. Glad everyone had a good time.

Lisa Thornbury said...

Yay! You're back!! Missed reading your blogs and tweets. :) Your kids are gorgeous by the way. Again, may I just say...YAY!

Jen said...

I agree with Megan and Anti-Supermom--you Canadians crack me up with your weird spellings and confusing celsius. I was curious so I went to a site that converts fahrenheit to celsius and to all the Americans reading this post that were curious, it was 77 degree F when they went on this outing.

Ok, with all that out of the way, I have to say that it looks like you guys had a great time. I really wanted to try to fit in some apple picking at some point this fall but it still hasn't happened.

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