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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nana is brave enough to visit us *again*!!!

My mom came to visit us for a few days. Thankfully the weather really turned around and it was beautiful and sunny every day she was here. Actually, the first day she arrived, we took the kids for a bike ride around the block and she laughed as my neighbour Rick shoveled some snow off his lawn . . . wearing shorts in 23 degrees heat :-)

She and I took the boys and Leah to see Horton Hears a Who one afternoon. It was a cute movie and we all had fun (Leah sadly missed it, she slept through the entire thing!). I was impressed the boys did quite well and sat through almost the entire movie. We even went out for dinner that night, and took the kids to Boston Pizza. This also went well, and gives me courage to try eating out again in the future. Not sure how restaurant dining with a family of five would transpire, but so far so good. We ended up taking our portable DVD player (a tip from Nana!) and that helped keep David occupied while waiting for his chicken!

Nana was thrilled to spend some time with her grandchildren, and to see the new "robust" Leah. She and my cousin Stephanie helped babysit on Saturday while Paul and I went to a wedding. Things went very well, with one teeny weeny exception. Leah refused to take a bottle!! We had tried numerous times before the wedding, with no luck, but I had secret hope that my mom could pull it off. So I hauled my milk tanks home between the wedding and the reception and let the little Buddha have a drink from the tap. Mom finally got her to sleep around 9:00 (no bottle though) and she slept until later when we got home and I woke her and fed her again. You can probably tell from her photos . . . she's not exactly going to waste away to nothing from missing one feeding ;-)

Nana and Princess Leah - As close as we get to a family photo - David not really cooperating at the moment, Leah stuffing her fist in her mouth and Pete, well, being Pete.

David after his first haircut last week (yes, first hair cut at age 2 1/2) - modeling mom's black pumps.
Pete after having his Shawn Cassidy locks trimmed . . .

With his reward sucker in hand . . .

And, last but certainly not least, Leah the ever-expanding baby. Play a game with me - it's called "count the rolls". Bathing her has become quite a chore, one really needs to wedge one's fingers inside the rolls to make sure she is totally clean :-)

Today I once again boxed up some of Leah's clothes that are TOO SMALL for her. A growing number of her little pants and jeans just can't make it past her thighs anymore. I see Sumo wrestling in her future!!!


dougnlarry said...

I love the rolls! She's so cute.

I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom. Send some of that warm weather our way, will ya? :)

Liz said...

Such cute pics. Leah is so big, she is just adorable!!

Phyllis said...

I'm definitely going to have to try the portable DVD player trick -- tell your mom THANKS!!
I LOVE how cute Leah's rolls are. Pete's new haircut is great & David looks like such a big boy now!

Donna M said...

Such great pics! Leah doesn't look quite that big in person. I think the camera adds 10 pounds! She is such a happy little thing and the boys are growing up so fast!

Landerson said...

Shades of the Michelin Man! Gorgeous nonetheless though:-) And the boys......well they're little men. I can't wait to see you all!!!!

lexa said...

She's is so big! Love the bath picture.

Love Pete's haircut! My boys soon need a trim, too.

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