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Sunday, April 06, 2008

We feel spring coming!!!

Our little house was hit yet again by the sickies. Once we cleared out the stomach bug, we made way for a nasty cold, with cough. Pete, David and poor Leah all got it, and I had a touch of it too. I think we are doing better now . . . David is hanging onto it sadly, but I think he'll be doing much better in a day or two.

The boys are doing well but are going through a *rough* patch behaviour-wise. I'm chalking it up to a long winter full of snow and not enough time outside. I hope/need/desperately want it to change and I think the blast of spring weather around might do the trick! The past few days have been amazing here - I mean, sunny, warm, no winter coats, hats or mitts needed!!! That is HEAVEN around here these days - we've been out walking and even broke our bikes out yesterday. We still have lots of snow on the lawn, but it is melting quickly and streets and sidewalks are bare. It's amazing how truly wonderful you can feel when the hot sun streams down on your face. We've been walking around our little block 4-5 times a day, Pete riding his bike, David in the wagon, Leah in her sling or babybjorn and Rudy on this leash. People peeking out their windows must think the local circus is going by ;-)

Anyhoo, Leah had her two month check up this week and is a whopping 13 lbs, 13 oz. Even her cold can't stop her from chowing down on mom's milk. Yum Yum! Taking three kids to doctor was challenging, but manageable. For the most part they were pretty good. One of the nurses dealing with us said she thought I was completely organized and totally on top of things. Apparently "many other moms aren't" so she told me ;-) Since I had her fooled AND she made my day with her compliment, I gave her a big hug. I guess somehow the universe channeled through to her that I needed that comment, at that time, on that day. Well, she delivered and I'm sure she had no idea how she made my whole week!

But back to the ever-expanding Leah. She is quickly filling out her 3-6 month clothes and *could* be outgrowing them soon. A quick trip to the mall today allowed me to check the sales for a few spring/summer items for her. Shopping for a girl truly is more fun - wow, the selection compared to the boys stuff is just insane. But fun for me, I can now look at both sides of the stores!

Here is sleeping beauty in one of her cute outfits . . .

Doing her best push up for mom . . .


Ooooooh, yes, another cute outfit I found at Mexx . . . and the ever-popular Reese Robeez :-)

Uh, remember that sunshine I mentioned???? OOOOOPS - call Children's Aid b/c YES, I gave my two month old a sunburn. Too much walking out in the sunshine today uncovered. It's hard to remember the UV protection when there is still 4 feet of snow in our front yard! Here is her new "pink" face.

Hangin' out in her bumbo (thanks Kelly!!). She loves sitting up in it so she can keep an eye on Thing 1 and Thing 2.

David . . . here seen giving Leah his cold.

. . . and decides to check out what the heck is so cool about this thing.

And last but not least, Pete (sporting his new Shawn Cassidy hair-do) deciding to wake up his sister one morning. Isn't that cute crib bedding???? Big thanks to Karla for lending us that - saved us some big bucks and it's too adorable to boot. She wasn't needing neutral colours anymore b/c she had her baby BOY this afternoon - yay and welcome to little Thomas!!!!

Pete unzipped her sleepsack (no I don't put her to bed like that!!!).

David wants a piece of the action so pulls a chair from the kitchen into the bedroom to get a better look in the crib (that HE was sleeping in only a couple months ago, lol). You can't see from this angle the smiles and looks of adoration little Leah is giving her two big brothers. Makes it all worthwhile, I'd say!!


dougnlarry said...

Precious pictures! I love chubby babies. Leah is so cute and her wardrobe is cute too. Girls really are more fun to shop for, aren't they?

I'm glad your weather is finally warming up. I'm sure all the time outside will get the boys back to 'normal' in no time.

Donna M said...

Really cute pics! Sorry to hear about your bouts of illness, but hope the sun and warm weather will clear everything/body soon!
Miss Leah is definitely a cutie with her sunburn!

Landerson said...

Everyone looks great Shan..... hope you're all healthy soon:) Can't get over how much David's looks are changing....maybe it's the hair?! XO

lexa said...

My boys both have colds right now. I'm sure it won't be long til it's passed on to me. Spring has finally hit here, too, so it seems. We've been outside the past two days, and the boys have their bikes out.

Anonymous said...


I had a laugh today reading your blog about Leah's weight....had Cameron weighed at Dr. Cooper's on Tuesday for his 5 week appt. Um, he's 13 lbs. 12 oz. Can you believe it?????
I'm going to have my own TLC special "I have a 150 pound baby". Hope all's well.

E-Lo said...

Leah (have I mentioned that I love that name?) is getting so big - and she's just so darn pretty! You have the cutest kiddos. :)

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