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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pete turns FOUR!!!

Who knew this little 7 lb bundle would become a big, blond four year old with the most vivid imagination we have ever seen????

Yes, little Pete turned four this week and we had a Transformers (his current favourite thing!) birthday party for him. Nice and small and very manageable - just the way I like it! Here are Pete and David on the big birthday party day, sporting their new Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts from Auntie Lauren :-) Ca-ute!

David dipping into the chip bowl - loving his fly-away hair these days!

Here's the whole gang . . .

Dad and his soon-to-be-kindergardner . . .

Opening his gifts . . .

The almighty Optimus Prime birthday cake - you can imagine how much we had leftover considering there were only six kids in total and they barely had any of it!!!

Pete blows out the candle - and tells everyone at the table what his wish is (no, not world peace, just making his desire to receive ALL of the Transformer autobots known to us).

David - not looking happy, but truly enjoying his piece of cake.


lexa said...

Happy birthday!

Love the cake -- great theme for his party! I was a tomboy and loved the Transformers, so I was glad my boys got into them. (We have the movie on dvd, of course, plus I took the oldest one to the theatre to see it when it came out.)

Landerson said...

LOVE the t-shirts!!! Hard to believe the little guy is 4 already......wish we could have been there:)

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