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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The boys and the babe

I have been so seriously and insanely busy lately, it's totally crazy. Yes, most of it brought on by myself b/c I sometimes like to do and take on a little too much, but there is SO MUCH going on right now I cannot believe it! I mean, the holidays are coming and there's LOADS to do. So far I have over half my holiday baking done - yum yum. Thankfully I have two little messy helpers who adore adding sprinkles to the top of cookies or truffles. If you've been nice to me this year, you might just wind up with a box of my truffles yourself ;-)

With all the frigid cold and snow, we started putting the Christmas decorations up last weekend. David felt stockings should be *worn* and not hung on the fireplace.

Pete takes a break from the cold to chill out watching a Christmas special in Nana's warm, cozy, cashmere sweater. (He is seriously the only kid in his preschool class who wears a hand-knit CASHMERE sweater :-) Major props to Nana for this one. It's warm too. I'd like to get into it with him!!!!

After a huge snowstorm left us swamped with over 40 cms of snow, and some well-below freezing temperatures, we've had to become creative this week and test out a few new indoor activities.

OK, so painting isn't *that* creative or new, but we had a lot of fun playing Picasso!

Things started out pretty neat and organized. Each boy is happy b/c he has his own tray of paint, paintbrushes and paper. (OCD mom is happy about this too!!!).

Things are still looking good, but you can see David starting to sneak his fingers into the paint.

Within seconds, total loss of control ensues. It's each man for himself, hands and other items are now in the paint, the walls shrink back in fear ;-)

At least they are proud of themselves, and the artwork turned out extremely well!

Along with our new busy December schedule comes my well-timed third trimester "nesting" fury. I'm really out of control, but I guess the good news is we might actually be ready for this baby (ha ha - fat chance). She is quite the little mover and is giving her mommy a large number of pretty hefty Braxton Hicks contractions on a regular basis. My midwife confirmed that, just like Peter and David, she is very low already and has her head almost engaged. For those unfamiliar with third trimester pregnancy . . . this causes a great deal of pain and pressure on one's pelvis and cervix. I have vowed to cut back on my driveway shoveling so that the little tike stays put until at least 37-38 weeks.

OK, not so LITTLE anymore, she is likely well over 4 pounds by now! Here she is at 32 weeks:

David is convinced he can inflate her and maybe she will come out in time for Christmas. Pete has voiced some very serious concern that his little sister will miss Christmas this year and get "ripped off" b/c she won't receive any gifts. Ah, nothing like holiday spirit from a three year old :-).


Liz said...

I am so happy to see some belly shots. I can't believe you are having another one, and I know you hear that a lot, but I KNOW what your day is like now. I can't imagine!!! Anyway, hope your Christmas is good!! Take Care, Lindsay

lexa said...

That picture of him blowing on your belly is PRICELESS! The things kids think of... Pretty cool that they're thinking of her already about missing out on Christmas gifts. Mine would be, "You keep her in there til after Christmas so she doesn't cut in on our loot!" :)

AK Alter Ego said...

You barely look pg, blech on you and your skinny cute self.
Love the last picture where David is trying to blow your belly up through your belly button, too cute

Donna M said...

Cute pics! Too tired to add more!

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