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Monday, December 17, 2007

Deck the Toddlers

It's hard to believe one week from today is Christmas Eve . . . that's okay, the boys have been very patient for what is a long wind-up waiting period for the *big* holiday. I'm not certain they're sure Santa will ever come, I keep telling them it is "next week"! They are very excited and happy, that's for sure. We picked out our Christmas tree and put it up last weekend - after losing roughly 5 glass ornaments to toddler fumbles, things still weren't looking that bad. It took me five days to slowly and methodically re-arrange Pete's "cluster" of ornaments that had taken up residence in one square foot at the front of the tree ;-)

Yeah, the night shot never turns out well. Thankfully, I have a sneaking suspicion that a new digital camera will be under this blurry tree on Christmas morning!!!

Rudolf, The Red Nosed Toddler!!!

Here is our future Jamie Oliver . . . fully clothed and helping add sprinkles to the Christmas cookies.
In no way could I replicate this face if I tried ;-)

We headed out to the mall last week to see Santa, and have pictures taken on Santa's lap. P&D were very keen to see Santa and were fairly patient while we waited in line for 10-15 minutes for our turn. The minute we approached the bearded red suit, Pete started to panic and decided he didn't want to see Santa after all. Because David had just woken from a nap, I knew he would do whatever Pete did. Although Santa tried to coax us in at the last minute, we left quickly before any trauma occurred. I don't care enough about the pictures to be one of those parents that insists the child sit there, hysterical, flushed and teary eyed while poor Santa earns his paycheck. Admittedly I was disappointed, but we quickly moved on to bigger and better experiences at the mall.

Like . . . the play area!!!! I mean, come on, does this look like a kid who is afraid of Santa ;-)??????

All his troubles behind him, Pete slides his way to fun and happiness . . . while modeling Nana's beautiful purple sweater!

Yes, I have been blessed with two acrobatic climbers. They are truly a dynamic duo!

And last, but not least, David models his Christmas sweater Nana knit him. BEAUTIFUL, Pete has a matching one and they are so adorable together, it hurts!!!


Donna M said...

Great pics of the boys! The sweaters look nice too.
Santa will be there another year. You have lots of time for Santa pics yet!

Landerson said...

LOVE the sweaters!!!

Stephanie said...

love the tree Shan. ...and those sweaters! Donna, you are the knitting queen. We also opted to avoid Santa this year :)
hugs, steph and pierson

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