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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few last shots!

Here is one more quick look at our November snowfall - so pretty it's hard to hate it!! :-)

And a few of Pete and his grandad "wrestling" and rough-housing. They had a blast . . . although grandad may have gotten more than he bargained for!!

My cousin Stacey and her husband George and their kids came over to visit. Yes, Rudy is helping my mom with her knitting!

Emily plays with David - until David continuously smashes her blocks onto the floor!

Michael takes a hand at the blocks too!

Rudy relaxes and hangs out with the gang . . .

And because I was so slack that I didn't get the Halloween photos up, here they are for those few that asked ;-)

Dad poses with Captain Jack Sparrow and the little green monster!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, lead me to the candy!

Captain Jack took his beaded head wig off for most of the night so he could walk faster and thus obtain more candy ;-)


Donna M said...

What cute little goblins out for hallowe'en!

lexa said...

Your mother looks like me most places I go. I'm the only one knitting. (Except for Knit Nite!)

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