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Friday, June 29, 2007

June - a great start to the summer

Well, it's been a busy June with relatively great weather here in Ottawa. Two toddlers and my crafts keep me extremely busy these days. Not to mention I am playing softball in a co-ed league. And I will say that I don't completely suck, either. I'm far from the best player on the team (yes, I am *likely* the worst, only b/c of my lack of experience on not due to any lack of athleticism on part - did I hear I "snicker" out there???), but it's fun, and I have both caught balls and hit balls AND made it to base. I'm no expert but I'm aware these are ALL GOOD THINGS!!!

The boys are amazing. What else can I say? They are cute, happy (for the most part) and play together like nothing I'd ever imagined. I can now with gusto tell people I am confident and happy with my decision to have the boys so close together. This is why we did it - they have become FRIENDS :-) Of course they bicker and fight and grab toys from one another but for the most part, these two will run around and play together for HOURS. My days are busy and exhausting but so much fun. I never realized the kind of satisfaction and warm happiness I would feel from raising my children and watching them grow and become little people.

And growing they are. Peter had his first dentist appointment. It was a huge success, he went in with a great attitude while the dentist showed him around her office and let him play with all her machines and equipment. She said his teeth looked great!!! I was floored, with all the difficulty in brushing this kid's teeth for the past 3 years I figured maybe on the inside they were all black and rotting - not so at all!!!

Pete has become excellent at counting and is starting to recognize a few letters of the alphabet. He's not too keen to sit down for a long time to "work" yet so I'm not pushing him at all. He has another year before school starts so he might as well be a kid as long as he can :-)

And with being three comes some new independence-seeking. Pete really wants to do everything by himself now, like going for a pee (wonderful! mommy not needed), and wiping his bum after pooping (not wonderful at all! very messy later). He can get himself a simple snack from the fridge, can *almost* completely dress and undress himself and is making more and more decisions every day. The only part Paul and I are struggling with now is his inability to LISTEN. I've heard from my mends (mommy friends) and loyal Gardners that this is, indeed, normal, common and doesn't require a straight jacket. But it drives me crazy and as we hop from one reward system to the other, I wonder if this little boy will ever listen to his mommy again. Gulp.

And there's David. Saying so many words now, or trying to anyway. Mostly he can be found at any point during the day piping up "Pete Pete Pete Pete Pete" adoringly at his older brother. He truly worships Pete, follows him around, wants to do everything he does. It's dang adorable. I felt David was a late talker so I'm so happy at 20 months he is saying 5-10 new words every day. He is so friendly - he says "hi and bye" to everyone we see, whether at the park or the grocery store. He is starting to say "please and thank you" as well. We were able to instill this early in Peter and are so thankful he is typically a polite little boy.

And it appears I am being blessed with yet another early nap-kicker. Pete barely napped a day past his second birthday, and David wants to break that record now. Over the past two months David has occasionally not napped - meaning I put him in his crib and he plays quietly for AN HOUR OR TWO. I would peek in later and he'd be awake and laughing. He can climb out of the crib but doesn't seem to do it at naptime, so I'm thankful of that. This week was the worst, other than van cat-naps he didn't nap in the crib once :-( And the scary part is he is never cranky or tired - he'll play happily with Pete all afternoon, eat supper, have a bath and smile and go to sleep at 7:30. My saving grace is that both boys are phenomenal night time sleepers and both give me 12-13 hours of peace. So I would venture a guess that by the end of summer our little David will have kicked the naps and will be joining his older bro for "quiet time" so mommy can have a 60 minute break and remain sane.

Well, let's have a look at our life, why don't we????

Paul built a small fence and a gate on the side of the house that had been open. It's looks beautiful and creates a wonderful little jail inside the backyard for the boys. Mommy is able to spend sunny afternoons knitting in the shade while the boys splash happily around in the pool.

Many hours spent digging and creating in our sandbox . . .

Some of my summer plants, not looking great in this picture but quite yellow and delightful nonetheless.

Pete and Rudy in the backyard . . .

David grabbing a few chips before a barbecue . . .

Pete chillin' with a freaky look on his face.

Me with my cool new sunglasses!

Awwwww, brotherly love :-)

The rest are just a few random shots I got of the boys in some of their new summer duds I scored on sale. Cuteness factor = high.


Donna M said...

Really cute pictures of really cute kids! Glad to hear and see that they are doing so well. I look forward to my visit in July and then you all have your vacation here for a week. Note to Paul: The tour of the HB Studio in Lunenburg is on at your convenience.

lexa said...

Ah, I've been through HB before -- I wish our store had a "staff room" like theirs!

The kids are cute as always! Mine get along relatively well for being three years apart. I find most commotion starts when the older one doesn't want to play something that the smaller one does. Then he persists in nagging the older one til he either caves or drives me insane! They generally take turns on the computer and such and play video games quite well together. I took them to the beach twice this week, and they played really great together.

Landerson said...

Glad to hear everyone's doing so well. Hope your boys napping habits don't rub off on Reese! Can't wait to see you all!

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