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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stanley Cup Final Game Three

Paul and I were phenomenally lucky this past weekend and came into some tickets to game three of the Stanley Cup finals. For those of you not from around here, the Ottawa Senators are playing the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and are, sadly, losing three games to one.

Thankfully with Lord Stanley on our side Saturday night, the Sens came through for a great game and a spectacular victory - beating the Mighty Ducks 5-3. Around these parts hockey is EVERYTHING so being in the Stanley Cup finals is huge for this city. The atmosphere is simply electric and family-like, complete strangers hugging and slapping high fives when the Sens win. And on the other side of things, sharing compassion for each other on sad nights like last night, when the Sens lost 3-2 in game four at home.

We truly hope our Sens can bring back another win as the head back to the Governator's territory, so for now we'll wait in anticipation and cross fingers with the rest of the city.

Here is a shot of the crowds and the pre-game excitement before Saturday night's game:

Here's looking directly at Scotiabank Place, before we went inside:

Paul . . . very excited to get in and find his seat:

Dave and Paul enjoying a beer up in our nosebleed seats - second row from the TOP. I'm sure an airplane almost hit my head ;-)

Paul and I enjoying the game!!! And looking totally lame b/c we are the enjoy cheapskates who don't own Sens jerseys . . .

A look at the ice from WAY up in row R, section 3!

Warm up!!

For the second period I switched seats with Doug so I could sit with Karla in their season ticket holder seats, first row of the third section. Here is the second period face off - *big* difference in viewing and much closer to the ice. Best seats in the house, I'd say!!!


lexa said...

Travis called last night to see if the game was in Ottawa. He was driving through (goes past the arena), and traffic was barely moving. I looked it up, and sure enough, he was there about two hours from start time! I couldn't talk to him long cuz he was in too much traffic. His fave is the Calgary Flames. My friend, Sharon (you may remember her from school, Saulnier) lives in Calgary. Her and her boyfriend go to the Flames games a lot. She always says if he passes through when there's a game he can go with Cody. Travis has never been to an NHL game.

Donna M said...

Doesn't look too good for the Sens.
I thought they were giving the red shirts as a giveaway, becsuse almost everyone had them on! Glad they won the game you saw!

AK Alter Ego said...

What an awesome opportunity!!!

Landerson said...

Maybe you guys should ask Santa for some Sens jerseys:0).....for next year I guess!

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