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Monday, March 05, 2007

A visit from cousin Reese

A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to have a visit from my sister Lauren and her daughter Reese. The boys were so excited to have a visit from their little (ok, who are we kidding, *not* so little) cousin! And she seemed to enjoy watching the boys at their crazy antics. She laughed at them all week long and nearly died laughing at Rudy, our cocker spaniel.

It was awesome to spend time with my sister, even though it was hectic at times (like, when we were awake!). We did get a couple opportunities to get out and go shopping . . . ah, retail therapy. Nothing beats that really!! Lauren looks fabulous for having a 7-month old baby . . . clearly all her "baby weight" has indeed been transferred to the "baby". I'd guess Reese weighs pretty close to what her big cousin David weighs at nine months older than her ;-)

David and Reese share a bath:

S'up girlfriend? You got more hair than me!!!!!

See that mark on my eye???? I used to be really pretty until my cousin Peter chucked a plastic zamboni at my face . . .

Chillin' in the high chair . . .

David was so kind to share *all* his food with Reese. Even foods she is not supposed to eat at 7 months old!!!
Reese the little diva in her cutie yoga pants posing with mommy:

David showing off for his cousin - hey, look at me in here. I think I'm Lunar Jim.

"Mommy, would it be ok if Reese plays hockey with me for a while?".

We all went out for dinner for my birthday. Pete sips his hot chocolate while Liam looks at something . . .
Pete shows his friend Liam some love!

And the theme continues, Liam plants a big wet one on Reese:
Liam's little sis (aka David's future wife) Taylor hanging out on her daddy's lap.

Me being completely embarrased with this set of birthday antlers on me . . .

Lauren and Reese all ready for dinner!

David checks out the menu . . . hmmmmm, what to eat, what to eat???

Karla (fellow Nova Scotian extraordinaire) and Doug (all around great guy) with their daughter Taylor.
Reese gets attacked by Pete's toy dinosaur . . . and shows it who's boss!

Lauren scoops Pete up for a good night hug!


Donna M said...

The birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun. And Miss Reese seemed to have a ton of fun. You will all have a great time here later in the month!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like everybody had a great time! The kids are adorable, especially the picture of them in the tub...too cute. David has grown so much since I last saw him at Lauren's baby shower.

Take care,


lexa said...

Looks like everyone had a great visit, even with the red eye! Love the new scrapbook pages. Nice blanket you knit, too. That yarn is so soft.

Landerson said...

Great pictures Shan! I weighed Reese myself today and she's 22 lbs.....can you believe it! Love the antlers. Reese misses the boys and can't wait to see them in Fla!

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