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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recent David pictures!

Both boys are getting teeth and I gave them a bit of ice cream as a treat. David had fun with his cone . . . but someone else was eyeing it from afar.

And suddenly eyeing it from a little closer!

Paul was unimpressed that I took the time to get the camera to get "my shot" before punishing the dog!!!
David models a new sweater my mom knit for him. Not new - it was a gift when he was born - but did not fit him until now. It's adorable in real life and looks super cute with a pair of jeans!

David and his friend Joey playing together last week. I babysat Joey for the day and the boys had a great time together. He just turned one last week and is one HAPPY and very pleasant little boy!!
David snatches his soother - but Joey won't be taken advantage of and grabs it right back!

David thought he could push Peter's potty into his room, to climb up on his dresser. He didn't realize the bucket was out of the botton so when he stood up on it, he actually just ended up getting "in" the potty :-)!


Donna M said...

How cute is that?! And the sweater looks wonderful on him. What a nice Nana he has!

lexa said...

Love the little sweater! I'm waiting to see action shots of the other one she just did. I love the little pink one she knit for Reese.

AK Alter Ego said...

THose are great ice cream shots!! Good sharing, LOL.

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