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Monday, February 12, 2007

David talks!!!

I've been (unnecessarily) worried about David not talking yet. Peter said some words at 12 months, but David hadn't said anything I could understand until just recently!!!

Yes! He's talking . . . a little bit!

On Friday when he was playing with his friend he said "MINE" clearly a number of times. He also asked for "JUICE" the other day a few times. And the word today is "SHOES". He keeps taking off his shoes and saying "SHOES" all the time. It's fairly cute. Pretty soon we won't be able to stop him and I'll wonder why I was so anxious to have him talk. Peter talks a lot more lately too, esp. with the soother no longer dangling from between his lips.

Is this the end of quiet in my house?????


AK Alter Ego said...

We are VERY much in the point and grunt stage. Not so cute.

lexa said...

Once he starts he'll probably never stop!

erika said...

LOL. Yes. say good bye to the quiet! : )

Landerson said...

Lots of news!! Glad to hear David's talking.....I think you're right though, you want them to get to that milestone and then once they're there, there's no turning back! Can't wait to see you and the boys next week!

Liz said...

Oh yes the talking- Ben has been talking for a while and now he just yells. I think for both of us the "quiet" was gone long ago! :-)

Jules said...

Kiss that quiet goodbye! Good for him, though!

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