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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bye Bye Binky

Well, I have no pictures of Pete lately but I do have some *fairly* big news. Last week when Paul was away I jumped on an opportunity that arose. Peter was flipping through the flyers from the newspaper and found the Toys R Us papers. He found a toy he wanted and started asking if we could go buy it. I thought for a moment and then said "sure honey".

"We'll go and buy the new toy if you give up your soothers (pacifiers) and throw them all in the garbage."

"Sure mommy."

"You might say that now but it's likely that tonight at bedtime you may really want them back, " I explained. "But you're a big boy and I think it's time for you to throw them away. The toy would be your reward in exchange for the soothers."

"OK, mommy, let's get in the van and go".

I quickly called Paul's cell phone and told him my plan. He gave me the thumbs up and warned me not to cave in and give them back to him, no matter how much crying ensued. My friend Karla (who went through a similar scenario with her son Liam) suggested she come over and pick up all the soothers so there wouldn't be any left over to "tempt" me with should I need them in the middle of the night.

So we bought the toy. Things went smoothly. He didn't even ask for a soother until bedtime on Thursday. He said he was a little "sad and wanted to feel something nice and soft in his mouth at bedtime". I asked if cuddles and hugs from mommy would make it better and it seemed to work! He woke up around 6:00 a.m. and whimpered a bit, I assume he was reaching for it and then realized it wasn't there. Friday was pretty good and we got the same sort of reaction at bedtime. I was thrilled and had no idea this whole thing would be quite this easy.

He did cry Saturday and Sunday mornings when he woke up. I hugged him and held him and told him I thought he was such a brave, big boy and how much I loved him. It seemed to help. Once I was able to distract him he was okay. I was surprised he didn't wake up in the middle of the night but I think the key is he must have been waking around 6:00 and put it in his mouth and gone back to sleep. Now he is just waking up at 6:00!!!! Ughh.

Obviously I won't complain. I assume within a few more days this will all be behind us. Paul was impressed I did this while he was away, and to be honest, I was too. I dreaded this so much. The doctor had told me "it's not a big deal for kids to have them until they're three". Well, he's three in March so I figured I'd better get moving!!! Peter's soothers were security for him, just like David has his blankie, Peter loved having his soother in reach, even when he didn't want it in his mouth. I'm sure he'll find a replacement soon :-).


Donna M said...

Huge congrats to both Pete and you! A major hurdle passed! He would have hated getting it sandy in Florida next mon.
BTW any ideas for a birthday gift for the 3 year old to be?

lexa said...

My oldest had a sookie til he was over two. One day something happened to it, and it went flat. He said it was no good any more, and he threw it in the garbage. That was that. The youngest wouldn't take one. The oldest quit drinking from a bottle on his first birthday, but the youngest I had a hard time breaking from the bottle. He must have been two before I could get him to drink from cups.

Liz said...

Good job, my experience was similar, I realized it was there more as a habit (mine and his) and when they were gone, nobodyreally cared.

erika said...

That's great! It sounds like you're doing everything exactly right and he'll be over it in no time. Yay you! yay Pete!

AK Alter Ego said...

YAYYYYY Big news in the Pete world!! Good for both of you. What a relief it went as smoothe as it did. Good job Mom!!

Landerson said...

Way to go Pete! We're awful proud of you.....and your mom!

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