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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Update - neglectful blogger

I've been a slightly neglectful blogger as of late. Life and laziness truly got in the way. My boys and I have been busy living our little lives. I went away from them for the first time over the weekend of the 18-19th. Some girlfriends and I went to Syracuse, NY to shop, talk, eat and by merry. We hit local outets, the Carousel Mall (thank goodness for Victoria Secret, I mean, seriously I need all the help I can get as a mommy who breastfed her two boys each for a year), ToyRUs (Santa is going to be *totally* loved around here come Christmas morning), WalMart and of course, every Canadian's unfulfilled shopping dream, TARGET.

I had a great time. More importantly, the boys had a great time with Paul, behaved well, didn't fuss or miss me too much, coped better than I had expected, and had a blast. They even seemed happy to see me when they woke up Monday morning. We went out for dinner on Saturday night to a fun restaurant after a hard day of shopping and had some drinks. Nancy and I actually got free drinks b/c one of the waiters dropped our meals. We got to watch as everyone else ate their meals, but thankfully we could sip our drinks while we waited for the next round of food to come out.

I was thrilled to get the presents I wanted for Peter at Toys R Us. I couldn't believe they don't carry them anywhere in Canada. I got the Fisher Price Fun2Learn Laughtop (laptop) and the Fisher Price Fun2Learn Preschool Center. I was sooooooo happy and even got the last laptop at that store!!! I got some great deals on clothes and shoes too, lots of stuff for the kids and my neice Reese too. Of course a few things for me too - I mean, come on!!!

Life after my big weekend is good. The boys are pretty active. They're both healthy again and our colds seem to be behind us. David is growing up every day, trying more and more to be like his big brother who he idolizes so much. It's wonderful to watch. Pete's doing better and seems to be going through a good patch developmentally, although his eating still sucks. David started Gymboree classes every Wednesday morning, so it's nice for him and I to have a special activity together (since Pete and I do skating on Thursdays). The Gymboree teacher LOVES David and his sparkling personality and inviting smile. He won her over the first day, I think. He loves it there and climbs, runs, jumps and plays to his heart's content. Not a big fan of the giant parachute though!!

The boys got into the tupperware cupboard the other night before bed . . . . hmmmmmm:

I hit a point where I realized they might as well just continue and I would treat this as a welcome opportunity to pull a little re-org:

Starting to look a little guilty . . .

David got this Diego push car for his birthday, however, he likes to lift the seat up and get INSIDE the car:
Pete saw opportunity knock:

And jumped on the opportunity to taxi his younger bro around the house:


lexa said...

They grow fast, don't they? It would be so nice to go for a weekend... I can't even get to Have a Yarn with your mother for half a day! I normally don't turn my lights on til Dec 1 either, but I was super nagged into it. Also our outside plug is hooked to one of the light switches in the living room. Little fingers can turn them off and on to their hearts' content! (Nice not having to go outside when it's cold to plug/unplug them.)

Liz said...

Those were cute pics. I have had those moments that could have been "AARRGGHH!!!!" moments and I turned it into, "Oh I could post this" moments.
The boys sure look like they get along great. Ean is too rough with Ben and Ben is kind of wimpy with his brother. I think Ben isn't walking yet b/c he is afraid to get trampled or knocked down.
I know I have many, many year ahead of fights but I wish they didn't have to start so early.
I am jealous of your weekend. I need something like that, although I will be getting a short dose this weekend. I am going to a bridal shower in LA for my very best friend but, it is only overnight.

Donna M said...

The boys look so cute in their quest to dismantle your cupboard. Glad to hear that you had a great weekend away.
See you in a few weeks.

Landerson said...

Have you got your hands full!!! Gotta love those little rascals!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got to have a girls weekend. It was a long time comin' girlie! Even better is you got to go to my beloved Target. Seriously I do not know how you survive without it. The girls and I are there so much the employees recognize us. *blushing* Anyway, we miss you on the MM board. Wish you'd stop in and say hi. :insert guilt trip here: Give the boys an extra hug for Marian and Madyson. Sending lots of warm wishes your way!

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