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Friday, November 03, 2006

The monster and the pumpkin

I'm a little late with the Halloween pictures because I've had a bad cold this week and my head's been a little "foggy"! (As if it isn't all the time!). We had a rough start to Halloween, two crying kids who didn't want to put costumes on. After a lengthy explanation to Pete, that, YES, you have to wear the costume to each house to trick or treat, he got the picture. No costume, no candy. And for a guy who thrives on sweets like his mommy does, he knew what he had to do.

Thankfully after some pretty nasty cold, wet weather, the skies cleared and we had a mild 10 degree (Celsius for you non-metrics) night for trick or treating. Pete was so funny, at every house he said "trick or treating" no matter how many times we explained that he was to drop the "ing" at the end and just say "trick or treat". Must of worked high on the cute factor, our neighbours were throwing candy at the kid.

But first things first. Daddy was not coming home from work as early as planned so we had to do a quickie job of carving the pumpkin ourselves.

Pete *helps*. . .

The finished project. Don't laugh, it seriously only took me five minutes. I'll set my goals a little higher next year ;-)

Our little pumpkin's first Halloween as a trick or treater:

And the big scary monster. Pete told everyone, quite willingly, that his mommy got his costumer off the internet. Yeppers, this is an e-bay special - $3.00 . . .well, plus shipping.

Hey look what I got!

Too cute for words . . .

I'm pretty sure David is eyeing Pete's sucker with real envy . . .


lexa said...

Aw,too cute! Isn't it great what you can find on eBay!

Liz said...

YAY!! Those were cute!!!
I got Ean's first costume, well second costume on ebay, it was awesome.( )
I didn't this year only b/c I found the ones I liked at The Childrens Place.
Looks like they had fun!

Donna M said...

Aren't they too cute! What great costumes. David is a perfect pumpkin, unlike the one you carved, and Pete is scary in his monster outfit!! Glad they had a fun time!

Landerson said...

Adorable as always!!!!

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