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Monday, May 29, 2006

After race barbecue

We went over to Lauren and Mark's friends Jodi and Greg's house for a BBQ after the big race . . . some people thought it was funny to push David around in a DOLL stroller :-)

Peter and Morgan said the heck with it and jumped in the pool with their clothes on for some splish splash FUN!!!
Pete gravitates to lawn mowers wherever he is . . . by FAR his fav toy!!

Dad poses with little David . . .

Ryan aka Walker plays with Jodi and Greg's new puppy . . . where did he get the energy after running the half marathon in all that heat????


Donna M said...

Great pictures Shan. Everyone looks good and the weather was nice and Pete and David are so cute!
I am so impressed with Mark running that marathon in under 4 hours. What an accomplishment!

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