Monday, May 29, 2006

After race barbecue

We went over to Lauren and Mark's friends Jodi and Greg's house for a BBQ after the big race . . . some people thought it was funny to push David around in a DOLL stroller :-)

Peter and Morgan said the heck with it and jumped in the pool with their clothes on for some splish splash FUN!!!
Pete gravitates to lawn mowers wherever he is . . . by FAR his fav toy!!

Dad poses with little David . . .

Ryan aka Walker plays with Jodi and Greg's new puppy . . . where did he get the energy after running the half marathon in all that heat????


Donna said...

Great pictures Shan. Everyone looks good and the weather was nice and Pete and David are so cute!
I am so impressed with Mark running that marathon in under 4 hours. What an accomplishment!

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