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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend Photos

Here are a few photos from Easter weekend to share with everyone. We just enjoyed a small family Easter with Grandma, who cooked up a DELICIOUS rack of lamb. It was one of the best meals we've had in a long, long time. Yum yum! Peter enjoyed his Easter egg hunt and that big ole' rabbit brought a basket for both boys. Pete has been telling the neighbours today "the East-uh bunny put da eggs in my boots!!!" Peter and David were remarkably well behaved at church too . . . absolutely no screaming in the church came from our pew!!

David is becoming more of an easy target to photograph these days :-) He loves to hang out and play with his toys :

Likes to stand up (although doesn't pull himself up alone yet)!

Likes to sit up by himself (although sometimes still falls over)!

Likes to hang out with dad!

And play with grandma!

Brothers in action:

Out for a nice hike with Rudy at Bruce Pit over Easter weekend:

Mommy and David enjoy the chilly Spring day!

As do Peter and Daddy . . .


Donna M said...

Great pics! What photogenic people you all are!!

Liz said...

It is really neat to see how similar our boys are. They are close to the same ages, and it looks like developementaly they are close too. Great pictures!

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