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Saturday, March 04, 2006

March 4th Pictures

I caught Peter "in the act" this week. He'd made his way into my craft room and opened one of my stamp pads . . . and subsequently stamped himself. Yes, that's the blue all over his face and hands. Looks a little guilty, doesn't he ????

I finally got around to finishing David's nursery and added some stamped moons and stars to the walls around his window . . .

And here's Rudy with a bit too much fur - he's getting a hair cut in the next week or two but looks so fuzzy and cuddly with his winter *growth* :-)


Anonymous said...

Shan, that room is gorgeous. When you visit us this summer, Nancy will take your boys out for fishing or fried dough or whatever will lure them away, and I am putting you to WORK in Ada's room. You did a beautiful job. I bet David's dreams are sweeter than ever.

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