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Saturday, November 05, 2005

New pictures of David Mark!!

Here are some new pictures of Baby David Mark Bertels:

Here is proud grandmother with her grandson!!

Here are a number of photos trying to get him to smile - or even look at the camera and open his eyes for a minute - with no such luck. But still very cute nonetheless :-)

Here is big brother Pete holding his little brother:

This was when David was just a few days old:

This is Pete with his brother David . . . this was the day after he was born, hence me looking so rough!!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! He's adorable and gets more adorable each day. I love the pic that he's crinkling his nose.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart!! Colby waved at him in the picture with his little arm up. And gave him a kiss in the picture of Peter holding him.

You really have a beautiful family! Take care,& Big Hugs!!

Cherie & Colby

Anonymous said...

Arlene (A Sweet Pea)
Congratulations Shannon! He is so adorable! I hope that you are able to squeeze in some rest when you can.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, he's a stunner! I don't know, Ada may have a hard time choosing between them; talk about sibling rivalry ahead...

Congrats again on your TWO beautiful boys and your expanded family.


Anonymous said...

Awwww Shannon, David is so precious. Its so sweet seeing Pete holding him, I bet they grow up to be great friends! Huge congrats!!
Love, Nicol & Blake

Kim Smelser said...

Shannon -
Thanks for sharing the photos... what an amazingly blessed family you have! Two beautiful BOYS! Congratulations!
Kim (& Wyatt)

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