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Friday, November 25, 2005

Little David is four weeks old today!!

With two kids and a lot more "gear" required I spurged and bought a great new diaper bag from Lands End - it holds everything. It's technically for David so I had it monogramed for him too!!

David is starting to be more alert and open his eyes a lot more, for longer periods of time. I know he can't see much right now, but he appears to be watching his big brother and taking in things around him!

David lounges on his big brother's new big boy bed . . .

Can't get him to smile for the camera yet, but he's pretty cute nonetheless :-)

Mom - "stop taking pictures will you????????"

Jen bought us this little "bag" sleeper and it is our favourite new outfit for David!! It's lined with fleece inside so keeps him super warm, and it has snaps and ties that wrap it around him tightly, like he's swaddled.


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