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Sunday, November 13, 2005

David is two weeks old now!

David is doing just great and is fitting in with his new little family like a champ!! Big brother Peter loves him a lot and loves to give him lots of kisses and hugs, and bring him toys to lay on his lap!! Rudy seems to like the new addition as well, he is a lot less threatening to him than Peter is these days :-)

David is breastfeeding very well, but and is gaining weight slowly. He's still small, under 8 lbs but we get him weighed again on Monday. He still sleeps a lot but does open his eyes for slightly longer periods now to check out his new digs. He is a VERY happy baby and sleeps, eats and almost never cries. He probably feels there is too much noise in this house already - ha ha!

Here are some photos of our new little guy:

Peter gives his brother David a hug . . .

Hmmmm . . . trying to get that perfect shot:

Feeling cold after a bath - yikes, wrap me up quickly mommy!!


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