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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Our family trip to Oakville

For our second trip of the summer we drove from Ottawa to Oakville, a city south of Toronto, to visit Paul's cousin Anne, her husband Dave, and their adorable son Aiden! It was a long drive but worth it because we had a fun long weekend . . . we brought our cocker spaniel Rudy with us and he had fun romping with their Samoyd Samson. Until Rudy figured out that Samson wasn't allowed in the kiddie pool, and Rudy felt that he, well, WAS allowed in!! So he would just plunge into the water and lay down and "hide" from Samson there :-)

Peter and Aiden had fun playing together in the backyard and at the park. Aiden had a lot of fun toys for Peter and didn't mind sharing all his things!! What a good role model to his little cousin. We all ate A LOT of food that weekend (it never really stopped) and enjoyed the whole family's company in the backyard of Anne and Dave's absolutely gorgeous new home.

When I returned home to Ottawa I babysat my friend Heather's son Connor for 2 weeks (he is 13 months old). Peter and Connor had a lot of fun together and went for a huge wagon ride through the woods every day at the local dog park, Bruce Pit. Connor realized quickly that whatever was in Peter's sippy cup was better than his, so he preceded to drink Peter's every morning. I don't know how Connor is doing now but I think (wink wink) that Peter taught his little friend a few bad habits over the course of his visit with us. And talk about exhausting - those were some tiring days for me (and six months pregnant in 35 degree heat as well!).


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