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Friday, February 12, 2010

Hand-made Valentines a Success

My Valentine's class last weekend went quite well! I had some lovely children register and we had a total of eight little crafters with us, keen to create their Valentine masterpieces. Each child was to make 20 Valentines - some of the younger crew didn't quite make it to 20, but I think everyone had a good time and there were a couple of very creative little stampers in our midst.

Creating your own Valentines is easy and usually cheaper than buying them at a store. (And a hand-made touch is always much nicer, in my opinion.)

I used regular card stock, but construction paper works just as well. I cut each card so it measured 4x8 inches - then folded them in half so I had 4-inch square, folded cards. To save on wasting extra paper, we didn't use envelopes, but I had the children close their cards with a cute Valentine sticker after they had signed their names.

We used a variety of Valentine stamps and craft ink to design the cards, and I had lots of embellishments laid out for the kids to use on their cardstock. . . foam and felt hearts, lots of punched out shapes, glitter, markers, crayons, ribbon, etc.

And, voila! Simple but gorgeous stamped cards to give out at school or to friends and family! Things 1 and 2 took their cards in to school today for their Valentine celebrations, and it was heart-warming to see the joy and happiness in their faces as they printed their name on each hand-made card.

I've had a lot of inquiries as to future classes, and yes, I will be holding more classes (for a variety of ages) and stamped projects are also a fabulous birthday party idea for boys or girls ages 5-12. Stay tuned for upcoming schedules!


Lara said...

I'd love to bring Kiernan to something so definitely keep us posted! :) St Patty's day cards?

Anonymous said...

I believe I see the start of a business here! A "Home Card Making Party" company started by you! Perhaps exactly what will help you balance between being a mom and contributing wife to the family coffer!

Donna M said...

Sounds like you may have a great idea there Shan! Stamping parties for kids and then the moms get involved too! You are so clever!

Finola said...

I think my girls would love this, and since I'm not crafty I would love to hand them over to your capable hands!

Capital Mom said...

The girl is still talking about stamp class and the teacher that helped her. :-)
How about making notecards for year end teacher gifts? I always need ideas for teachers.

BeachMama said...

These are so awesome. I am glad that the class went well, I am just sorry it was right at the time my Sister and her kids were arriving as I know my niece would have absolutely loved it. Instead I printed some off for her to take to school today.

Chantal said...

Glad to hear it went well. Looking forward to hearing about the birthday party idea.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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