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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Well, the holidays certainly bring with them the hustle and bustle that make all mommies' heads spin. And I am no exception. I daily think of fabulous and interesting blog posts that never materialize because I simply don't have enough hours in my day. Twenty-four are simply not cutting it, considering I must spend a portion of those sleeping.

So if I can't share with you every single detail of my holiday preparation and festivities, I will have to choose a few choice events with which I can dazzle you.

If we weren't busy enough this past weekend with myriad holiday parties, events and concerts to attend, Mr. Crafty Mom and I decided to pack up our 3 Things and head out into the woods to cut down our very own Christmas tree.

You know . . . cuz why not spend $45 on a tree you cut down yourself, with your own saw, in the middle of the wilderness, instead of driving less than two kilometres to IKEA where they were selling pre-cut trees for $20.

Okay, okay, because then we wouldn't have had the horse-drawn sleigh ride, the home-made cookies and hot chocolate in front of a bonfire, the experience of searching for and contemplating that *perfect* tree, *the* one that was meant for our living room this 2009 holiday season. The pure delight of watching my 23-month-old daughter sound asleep in our LL Bean Sonic Snow Tube while being pulled behind the horse-drawn sleigh. Enjoying the tranquil quietness and simplicity of life far outside the limits of our bustling city. Watching the pristine beauty of rows of evergreen trees as the skies above us open up and a blanket of creamy white, soft, velvety snow flakes descend from the heavens.

And from the Ikea parking lot I never would have experienced the joy in my heart as I observed my nearly two-year-old Thing 3 taking in the adventure around her.

Or witnessed Thing 1 plunging fearlessly backwards into a bed of snow to leave his mark on the world and create his own unique snow angel.

Or to see Thing 2 meticulously inspect each Christmas tree before deciding which species was best for us.

Nor could I have watched my little girl be transferred - sound asleep - from the comfort of her van car seat to our snow tube with her buddy beside her . . .

And to watch her stay asleep for the duration of the sleigh ride out into the forest.

Only to wake up later as we made the colossal decision and prepared to cut down our tree.

And that, my friends, is the story of how we found the perfect Christmas tree.

For those of you brave enough to try this yourself, do take note that a tree that may look small in the middle of a forest, will likely be ten times as large when you get it home in your living room.


Unknown said...

Your daughter's sweet face poking out of her winter wear is the cutest thing I've seen all day!

Great tree and thanks for linking to Clark Griswold. GAH that man cracks me up!

Shannon said...

Not only will it look bigger once home, it will also look crooked. *ahem* Not that I'd know. But I LOVE our perfectly imperfect tree. It has character. :)

Donna M said...

Lovely pictures! Great looking tree!

Lara said...

Sounds so wonderful! And is that tube as fabulous as it looks? I think I wants me one!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It's SO true. The tree is always bigger in one's livingroom than at the farm!

We have always, ALWAYS, cut down a Christmas tree. Every year of my life. But, next year may be the year that breaks that tradition... and my heart. Not to be dramatic or anything... ahem!

Glad you all had such a memory-filled time! Love those pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Ironically, I have the same size problem at IKEA, whether we're talking trees or home decor. In a massive warehouse or big parking lot things just look smaller than they really are.

That looks like a lovely trip, and worth every penny of the $45. :)

Chantal said...

That does sound pretty awesome!

Shan said...

Seems way better than the ikea tree all around! And our tree always grow a couple feet on the way home too because my husband always swears it was no where near that big when we left the tree farm.

Landerson said...

I can't even believe Leah slept in the tube- so cute:) Looks like a great day....would love to see pics of the tree at home and decorated!

Jenny said...

What a wonderful experience to have! I love that thing 3 is passed out during most of the excursion...she looks nice and comfortable in the tube that is for sure.

dougnlarry said...

How fun! I'm sure the kids loved it.

Anonymous said...

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BeachMama said...

I love the tale of your Christmas tree. It is gorgeous and looks like it was made for your living room.

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm going to get my son over here to read the above comments - since he reads Chinese... LOL.

The tree is gorgeous, worth every penny and your pictures, even better.

Happy Holidays, Shannon.

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