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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What We've Been Doin'

Blog WARNING: Ahead will follow many extremely cute and gratuitous photos of members of our family . . . these are being posted mostly for the benefit of said family members. Those not related to the 3 Things may find the following could induce a wide mouth-opening reflex known as a yawn.

My uber-cool sis and her family hopped on an airplane and made the trek to Ottawa to visit us a couple weeks ago. While they needed to attend a wedding in a nearby town, I know the real reason they came was to spend some much needed time with our quiet, peaceful little family.


We had a great time and actually got to babysit the Things' cousin R overnight while L & M headed out of town to a friend's wedding.

Thing 3 and four-month-old H chillin' like dey should:

I bravely set-up a finger painting activity one afternoon when it was raining:

Um, I think R loved it.

Thing 1 (pre-haircut) is an old pro at this stuff now.

Thing 2 also loves to paint, but is cautious and painstakingly slow.

R and Thing 2 hangin' out at bedtime. Sleepovers are TOO fun!

My cousin A holding baby H.

While my sis was visiting, we got together with our two cousins and their children. As kids, the four of us spent a lot of time together (we four girls are all pretty close in age). So here are my three Things, my sis's two kids, A's two girls and S's boy and girl - and one is missing. She has a job now and couldn't make it to our get-together.

On Labour Day weekend we trekked to a suburb of Toronto to visit Paul's family. We stayed with his cousin A and her D, and their son. The three boys had a blast playing all weekend. They couldn't get enough of each other . . . and surprisingly had very few arguments the entire time.

Here is D relaxing and enjoying fantastic barbecued ribs and a glass of wine - does it get any better than that?

A and her Dad (Paul's uncle) also enjoying some finger-lickin' good ribs and more wine.

Relaxing, chatting, enjoying the evening . . .

Aunt M with Thing 2

C holding Thing 3

Grabbing Thing 2 for a quick photo opp - you can't even tell how sick I was in this picture. I had had a bad cold and allergies for weeks . . . it kept getting worse and worse and I really felt like someone had lodged a brick in my sinus cavity. A few days after returning from Toronto I went to the doctor to find out I had a pretty severe sinus infection. I am finally feeling better, but I literally couldn't breathe for a month. I've never had a sinus infection before and thought it was a flowery exaggeration hypochondriacs used to describe "a cold".

Was I wrong.

So that's a wrap for our busy September activities . . . stay tuned in October for "Leah gets christened with her cousin P" as another big family gathering will be taking place!


Donna M said...

Great pics! Thanks for boring everyone else so we could see all the great family times!

Landerson said...

Great pics Shan! Thanks again for keeping Reese for the night:))

amanda said...

no yawns here - just ooohhhs and awwwws :)

dougnlarry said...

Those are great pics! What a lot of gorgeous kids! And you don't look sick at all in that pic... you look great!

Anti-Supermom said...

Great pictures and no, you don;t looks sick at all.

Simply fabulous~ BTW all those kiddos are darn cute, but that's a lot of kids in one place, one time!

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