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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No more wait - it's 2008!!

Happy New Year to one and all!!! We received a wonderful new camera for Christmas from my parents, and have yet to finalize hooking it up and getting the software running. So these pictures are the last from my old camera and I hope to have new ones pretty soon from our gorgeous new Canon :-)

The holidays were busy, yet relaxing at the same time, for us this year. Due to my "condition" of being 36 weeks pregnant, we did not travel anywhere and just stayed home. We did some entertaining, visiting, and lots and lots of eating!!! While we missed our family from far away oodles and oodles, it was wonderful to have Christmas morning at our house and to see how excited the boys were when they woke up and realized Santa had come! It was really amazing . . . I'm starting to *get* why people always say it's the children that make Christmas magical!

Pete opening his first present . . . a picture truly says a thousand words here.

Because our three-going-on-fifteen-year-old asked Santa for an aircraft carrier . . .

David in his adorable Christmas outfit taking a closer look at the aircraft carrier . . .

David putting his new helicopter to action . . .

Since we've been hit hard with winter this year, we splurged and got Rudy a new fleece/gortex jacket for his cold, icy walks outside. Here he is modeling it :-) He thankfully doesn't mind it at all and wears it with no problem.

Paul caught David trying to make himself a permanent fixture on our bookcase a few days ago . . . I must say he makes a very cute decorative ornament!


Donna M said...

Yes, it is the kids that make Christmas fun and special.
David is very handsome in his Christman outfit and Pete is too cute in his jammies!

lexa said...

Happy New Year!

Yes, kids definitely make Christmas morning much more fun and interesting.

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